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The HGU Color Manager dialog is accessed by selecting Subsurface | HGU Color Manager from the Arc Hydro Groundwater Toolbar. It can also be accessed via a button at the bottom of the Borehole/Well Editor dialog.

This dialog allows for managing the symbology of layers based on a common attribute using a single interface. The tool is based on the "HydrogeologicUnit" table which defines a set of conceptual hydrogeologic units that are associated with different spatial instances such as volumes, cross sections, borehole intervals, geologic picks, and outcrops.

The HGU Color Manager dialog.

The following section, options, and buttons are available in this dialog:

  • HGUColor spreadsheet – There are three columns:
    • HGUColor
    • HGUColor
    • Symbology – Click the drop-down to open the color palette.
  • Lower spreadsheet –
  • Setup... – Click to bring up the HGU Setup dialog.
  • Apply Symbology – Click to immediately apply the changes made in the HGUColor spreadsheet.
  • Save and Exit – Save the changes and close the HGU Color Manager dialog.
  • Cancel – Discard the changes and close the HGU Color Manager dialog.

The following image demonstrates how the colors are applied across layers:

HGU Color Manager helps create integrated maps and scenes using a single color scheme

Color Palette

The HGU color palette

The color palette can be either a drop-down (first image on right) or the Color dialog. The drop-down contains a palette of 40 common colors and a More colors... button. Click on the desired color to close the drop-down.

Clicking the More colors... button brings up the standard Windows Color dialog, where more specific colors can be selected.

HGU Setup

The HGU Setup dialog

The HGU Setup dialog contains the following options:

  • HGU Table – Select the desired HGU table from the drop-down.
  • HGU ID Field – Select the desired HGUID field from the drop-down.
  • HGU Name Field – Select the desired name field from the drop-down.
  • OK – Saves any changes and closes the HGU Setup dialog.
  • Cancel' – Discards any changes and closes the HGU Setup dialog.