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Arc Hydro Groundwater (AHGW) can be set up using the following steps:

  1. Make note of which version of ArcGISis installed.
  2. Download the version of AHGW that matches the version of ArcGIS you have installed (it may be necessary to click on the "View all Available AHGW Downloads" link to find the right version).
  3. Run the EXE file to install AHGW.
  4. Open ArcMap or ArcScene.
  5. In the ArcToolbox, there should be an "Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools" toolbox. If it isn't there, right-click on "ArcToolbox", select Add Toolbox..., and browse to the location of the "Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools" toolbox (from step 3) to add it.

Special Instructions for Updating

If you are about to update your ArcGIS and AHGW software, you will want to first do the following in this order:

  1. Check that your AHGW maintenance license and drivers are current
  2. Uninstall AHGW
  3. Uninstall the old version of ArcGIS
  4. Install the new version ArcGIS
  5. Download and install the newer version of AHGW compatible with the updated version of ArcGIS
  6. Contact support@aquaveo.com if you have issues getting the newer AHGW version to run with your updated ArcGIS

Adding AHGW to the Search Index

The following steps will add the AHGW geoprocessing tools to the search index in ArcGIS 10.

  1. While in ArcGIS, open up the Search window (Ctrl + F, or access from the Windows menu).
  2. Click on the Index / Search Options button at the top of the Search window.
  3. On the Index tab, click on the Add... button.
  4. Browse to Toolboxes > System Toolboxes.
  5. Select the "Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools.tbx" toolbox.
  6. Click Select to choose the toolbox.
  7. In the Index / Search Options dialog, in the Index table, click on the Index New Items button.
  8. When it finishes indexing, click OK to close the dialog.

If needed, return to this dialog later to delete the index that was just created, or re-index from scratch. Now you can search for Arc Hydro Groundwater geoprocessing tools by opening up the Search window, clicking on "Tools", and entering the search terms, such as "Cell2D" or "GeoSection".

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