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Time Series Grapher Setup dialog.

Analysis of time series data (e.g. water quality, water levels, discharge, etc.) is an important part of hydrologic analysis. Arc Hydro provides a design for storing time series data as tabular information related to spatial features (e.g. wells, gages). The Arc Hydro design relates time series values with spatial features through the HydroID-FeatureID relationship. Every time series value is indexed by a Date/time and by a location through a FeatureID that relates to a spatial feature. For example, water levels recorded in a specific well are indexed with the HydroID of the well.

Time series and spatial features are associated through the HydroID-FeatureID relationship. Each time series value is indexed by a FeatureID which points to the HydroID of a spatial feature.

The Time Series Grapher tool automates the creation of time series plots (e.g. groundwater levels, concentrations). The tool is an interactive tool that allows users to click on features and plot related time series data. The user first sets up the tool by specifying certain options.

Once the setup is complete the user can click on features in the map to create the plot of associated time series.

The Time Series Grapher tool automates the process of creating time series plots. When the tool is activated selecting a feature automatically generates the requested plot.