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The first page of the New Feature Dataset dialog.
The second page of the New Feature Dataset dialog.

In many cases, this problem is related to the dimensions of the feature classes. Feature datasets and feature classes are often created with a limited Z domain with a value of set "0" as the minimum Z value, so features with elevations below "0" cannot be written to the feature classes in this feature dataset.

The New Features Dataset dialog is part of the ArcGIS Toolbox icon.png Data Management Tools toolbox in ArcGIS, and is therefore not covered in detail here. You can learn more about this tool by visiting the ArcGIS Help website.


Redefine the Z domain by doing the following:

  • Create a new geodatabase
  • Create a new feature dataset
  • Make sure your feature dataset has the appropriate units (feet, meter) so that x, y, and z units are the same and match the vertical data in the BoreholeLog table.
  • When you create the new feature dataset and get to the step defining the vertical coordinate system you will need to select one appropriate for your area.
  • Turn off "Accept default resolution and domain extent".
  • Click Next to go to the second page of the New Feature Dataset dialog.
  • In the Z section, enter a Min value that will include your data range.
  • Click Finish to create the feature dataset.
  • Load the data (wells, boreline) you have into the new feature dataset.
  • Run the Create BoreLines tool with the data in the new feature dataset.

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