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The Groundwater Flow (GWF) Model Name File dialog

The Groundwater Flow (GWF) Model Name File dialog is accessed by double-clicking on the GWF_Model under a MODFLOW 6 simulation in the Project Explorer. It contains the following sections and options:

  • Sections list – A list of sections that can be turned on or off:
    • Comments – Turn on to make the Comments section visible.
    • Options – Turn on to make the Options section visible.
    • Packages – Turn on to make the Packages section visible.
  • Comments section – Enter general alphanumeric comments. Comments entered here get written at the top of the file, preceded by a '#' symbol.
  • Options section – Temporal options and settings:
    • Output listing file (LIST) – When turned on, indicates which file is in the output listing file.
    • Print all model package input to listing file (PRINT_INPUT) – Turn on to write the list of information to the listing file immediately after it is read.
    • Save model package flows to budget file (SAVE_FLOWS) – Turn on to write flow terms to the file specified with "BUDGET FILEOUT" in Output Control.
    • Activate Newton-Raphson formulation for groundwater flow (NEWTON) – When turned on, this selection allows the utilization of the Newton-Raphson formulation as opposed to the standard used in most previous MODFLOW versions.
    • Under-relax computed heads that are below cell bottom elevations (UNDER_RELAXATION) – When turned on, it helps define the nonlinear under-relaxation schemes used.
  • Packages – Allows the indication of specific file and project details for the model package.
    • ftype – Represents the file type.
    • fname – Represents the file name.
    • pname – Represents the package's name and cannot be altered in this dialog.

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