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When first installing GMS, it will be running in Demo Mode. All GMS functions will be enabled with the exception of printing and saving. Anyone can run GMS in Demo Mode on any computer and it can be freely distributed. To enable the print and save functions, either a password or a hardware lock is needed.

The components (modules, interfaces) can be licensed individually depending on the needs and interests of the user. The components of GMS are licensed using a password system. The Register command is used to enter a password that enables the licensed components. This command can be used to enable the program after initially installing GMS, or for adding additional modules to the program at a later time. The Register command must be used before any files can be saved or printed. Before registration, GMS will run in Demo Mode.

When the Register command is selected, the Register dialog appears. The first item shown in the dialog is the security string. This string is keyed to the hard drive of the computer where GMS is installed and uniquely identifies the computer. When first registering GMS, this security string should be reported to the distributor or reseller where GMS was purchased. The reseller then provides a password which should be entered in the edit field at the top of the dialog. Once the password is entered, the Register button is selected. If the security string was reported correctly and the password was entered correctly, the text next to each of the licensed components changes from "DISABLED" to "ENABLED".

The Details button brings up a dialog listing the phonetic code for the security string. When reporting the security string over the phone to get a password, using the phonetic code can be helpful in avoiding errors.

Once GMS has been registered, a file called gmspass.txt is created. Since GMS is licensed on a per/seat basis, arrangement must be made to get an additional password if GMS is to be moved to another computer.

Also, GMS can also be enabled using a hardware lock, rather that a password. Contact a GMS reseller for details.


From the Help menu, select the Register command. This brings up the Register dialog, which has a "security string" listed at the top. Send this security string along with your name, company, phone number, and e-mail address to your vendor.

After verifying that you are a licensed user, a password will be sent. After receiving the password, enter it in the Password field in the Register dialog and click the Register button. The purchased modules will become enabled and GMS will run in Normal mode.

Hardware Lock

Follow the instructions you received with the hardware lock to install the hardware lock and accompanying drivers. If hardware lock instructions were not received, or they have been misplaced, they can be found in the \Utils\Hwlock\Instructions directory on the CD. There are separate files for single user and network hardware locks. These files can be read using a web browser. If you would like to purchase or have questions about hardware locks, please contact your vendor.