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The Registration Wizard dialogs for all of Aquaveo's products are very similar, so the following information is applicable to all of them:

Upgrading or Ordering a new version of XMS

  1. When you order an upgrade or a new version of XMS, you will need to contact Aquaveo Inc. Go to the Help menu and click Register.... When the Register dialog box opens, click Change Registration. Here, in the Registration Wizard, you will find the Aquaveo contact information, or you can select Buy software and click Next.
  2. After completing the transaction, you will receive an e-mail giving you a vendor-supplied passcode. You will need to keep that passcode, because it will enable you to complete the ordering process. It is through this passcode that you will receive your new password or update your hardware lock so that you receive the modules ordered.
  3. When you have this passcode, start XMS. Go to the Help menu and click Register.... When the Register dialog box opens, click Change Registration. Choose Enter registration code and enter the code you received in your e-mail. If you are using a hardware lock, make sure it is attached to this computer before you hit Next.
  4. After doing this, you should have the modules you ordered displayed with an enabled status in the Register window.
  5. If the hardware lock is a network lock, then you can move it to the lock server now.

Ordering an evaluation

  1. In order to request an evaluation, go to Help | Register... to bring up the Register dialog box.
  2. Click Change Registration. Choose Request evaluation license and then click Next.
  3. A browser should open, and if an internet connection is enabled (which is required), you will be redirected to a page,, requesting your information. Enter the information and make sure to change Evaluation Software to the appropriate program.
  4. After filling out that information, a vendor-supplied code will be sent to your e-mail address. Follow the steps above to enable the evaluation modules.

Restrictions on Enabling methods

  1. Note that networks locks can enable XMS to run on a Windows Workstation, on a Windows Server, and on a Virtual Machine.
  2. Standalone locks and computer passwords can enable XMS to run on a Windows work station but not on a Windows Server or on a Virtual Machine. Therefore, if you are running on a MAC, use a network lock or use BootCamp to boot Windows Workstation natively on the MAC computer.

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