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#redirect [[SMS:ADCIRC_Coverages#Boundary_Condition]]
Much of ADCIRC's versatility as a model is due to the large number of different boundary types and boundary conditions available in the model.
== ADCIRC Boundary Types ==
Boundary types are assigned to feature arcs in the conceptual mode or nodestrings on the ADCIRC mesh. Correct boundary type assignments are very important to run a successful ADCIRC project. The following boundary types are available in SMS for ADCIRC:
* '''Unassigned''' – default, no boundary condition assigned
* '''Mainland''' – land or coastline boundary
* '''Island''' – this can be selected for a closed feature arc
* '''Normal Flow''' – assigned across the nodes of the mesh, therefore the parameters of this boundary type can only be modified after a mesh has been created and the mesh module is currently selected
* '''Normal Wave Radiation'''
* '''Mainland Barrier'''
* '''Island Barrier''' – requires two nodestrings
* '''Weir''' – requires two nodestrings with the same number of nodes
* '''Zero Normal Velocity Gradient'''
* '''Ocean'''
== ADCIRC Boundary Conditions ==
Depending upon the specified boundary type, the following boundary conditions are available:
!width="175"| Boundary Condition
!width="175"| Boundary Type
|- align="center"
| Essential w/<br>Tangential Slip || Mainland<br>Island<br>Normal Flow<br>Mainland Barrier
|- align="center"
| Essential w/o<br>Tangential Slip || Mainland<br>Island<br>Normal Flow<br>Mainland Barrier
|- align="center"
| Natural (w/<br>Tangential Slip) || Mainland<br>Island<br>Normal Flow<br>Mainland Barrier
|- align="center"
| [[SMS:ADCIRC Model Control#Tidal/Harmonics Tab|Tidal Constituents]] || Ocean
|- align="center"
| Curve || Ocean
|- align="center"
| Extract from Dataset|| Ocean
== Nodal Boundary Conditions (Recording Stations) ==
The following boundary conditions can be assigned to an ADCIRC mesh node:
===2D Station Types===
* Elevation
* Velocity
* Concentration
* Meteorological
===3D Staion Types===
* Density/Temperature/Salinity
* Velocity
* Turbulence
===Description of Station===
Stations can be assigned a name to make station identification easier.
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