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Display Options dialog showing GIS options

The properties of the GIS Module data SMS displays on the screen can be controlled through the Display Options dialog. The entities associated with the GIS Module module with display options are shown below. Some of these entities also show an Options button to the right. For these entities, additional display controls are available. The available GIS Module display options include the following:

  • Text font
Controls the display of text. The size, color, style, and font of the text can be adjusted.
  • Rasters
    • Display as 2D image – makes it so the raster is only visible in plan view (like other images). This option is fast and memory efficient and can support large rasters (or several rasters).
      • Enable hill shading – toggle on to show shadows and thus makes the image appear 3D.
    • Display as 3D image – makes it so the raster is visible in any view, not just plan view. 3D points are also very memory efficient but may be a little slower than the 2D image option. Also, hill shading is not available in this mode.
      • Point size – specifies the size of points displayed.
      • Maximum points – sets a limit to the number of points to generate. Specifying a maximum number of points can be useful if the size of the raster is such that rendering becomes slow.
    • Shader – with either 2D or 3D, four different shaders, which control the color ramp, are available. The shaders available are:
      • Atlas Shader
      • Color Ramp Shader
      • Global Shader
      • HSV Shader

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