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Many commands in SMS are accessed through pull down menus located in the menu bar. Each menu can be accessed either with the mouse or by pressing the ''ALT'' key and the corresponding letter underlined in the menu title. Once a menu is visible the individual commands can be selected with the mouse or by again pressing the corresponding letter underlined in the menu command.
#redirect [[SMS:SMS Menus]]
The menus available at any time are dependent on the active module and current numerical model. The first three menus, [[SMS:File Menu|File]], [[SMS:Edit Menu|Edit]], and [[SMS:Display Menu|Display]], are always available. The remaining menus change with the module and the model. This is to partition the available commands into usable groups and avoid unnecessary complexity.
==Standard Menus==
* [[SMS:File Menu|File Menu]]
* [[SMS:Edit Menu|Edit Menu]]
* [[SMS:Display Menu|Display Menu]]
* [[SMS:Web Menu|Web Menu]]
* [[SMS:Window Menu|Window Menu]]
* [[SMS:Help Menu|Help Menu]]
==Module Specific Menus==
* [[SMS:2D Mesh Module Menus|2D Mesh Module]]
* [[SMS:Cartesian Grid Module Menus|Cartesian Grid Module]]
* [[SMS:3D Cartesian Grid Module|3D Cartesian Grid Module]]
* [[SMS:Scatter Module Menus|Scatter Module]]
* [[SMS:Map Module Menus|Map Module]]
* [[SMS:GIS Module Menus|GIS Module]]
* [[SMS:1D River Module Menus|1D River Module]]
* [[SMS:1D Grid Module Menus|1D Grid Module]]
* [[SMS:Particle Module Menus|Particle Module]]
==Model Specific Menus==
* [[SMS:BOUSS-2D Menu|BOUSS-2D]]
* [[SMS:CMS-Flow Menu|CMS-Flow]]
* [[SMS:CMS-Wave Menu|CMS-Wave]]
* [[SMS:Generic Model Menu|Generic Model]]
* [[SMS:PTM Menu|PTM]]
** [[SMS:RMA2 Menu|RMA2]]
** [[SMS:RMA4 Menu|RMA4]]
* [[SMS:TUFLOW Coverages|TUFLOW]]
==Related  Topics==
* [[SMS:Right Click Menus|Right Click Menus]]
* [[SMS:Layout|Layout of the Graphical Interface]]
* [[SMS:Keyboard Shortcuts|Keyboard Shortcuts]]
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