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*[[SMS:PTM|Particle Tracking Model (PTM)]]
*[[SMS:PTM|Particle Tracking Model (PTM)]]
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[[Category:SMS Particle|Particle Module]]
[[Category:SMS Particle|Particle Module]]

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PTM particle trace

At a glance

  • Visualize particle/path data
  • Supports PTM model which computes particle positions through time based upon hydrodynamics and wave effects

The particle module contains tools used to work with particle data. Particles can have time varying location and scalar data. The particle module currently includes interfaces for:

  • PTM – Lagrangian particle tracker designed to allow the user to simulate particle transport processes.

Particle Module Tools

See Particle Module Tools for more information.

Particle Module Menus

See Particle Module Menus for more information.

Particle Module Display Options

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