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:[[SMS:File Import Filter Options|File Import Filter Options]]
:[[SMS:File Import Filter Options|File Import Filter Options]]
:[[SMS:File Import Wizard Supported File Formats|File Import Wizard Supported File Formats]]
:[[SMS:File Import Wizard Supported File Formats|File Import Wizard Supported File Formats]]
;7.2.c. GSDA
;7.2.c.1. Digital Elevation
:[[GSDA:Digital Elevation|GSDA:Digital Elevation]]
:[[GSDA:Decompressing Files|GSDA:Decompressing Files]]
:[[GSDA:Importing Bathymetry Data into SMS|GSDA:Importing Bathymetry Data into SMS]]
:[[GSDA:Navigating the USGS Seamless website|GSDA:Navigating the USGS Seamless Website]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining DEM Data from the USGS|GSDA:Obtaining a DEM from USGS]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Bathymetry Data from GEODAS Design-a-Grid|GSDA:Obtaining Bathymetry Data from Geodas Design-a-Grid]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Estuarine Bathymetry Data from NOAA's NOS|GSDA:Obtaining Estuarine Bathytmetry Data from NOAA's NOS]]
:[[GSDA:Using GIS Data Depot to Obtain DEM, DRG, and DOQ Data|GSDA:Using GIS Data Depot to Obtain DEM, DRG and DOQ Data]]
:[[GSDA:Using the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)|GSDA:Using the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)]]
:[[GSDA:Using the USGS Map Locator to Find 7.5' Quadrangles|GSDA:Using the USGS Map Locator to Find 7.5' Quadrangles]]
;7.2.c.2. Hydrography Data
:[[GSDA:Hydrography Data|GSDA:Hydrography Data]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Hydrographic Data from ESRI Census TIGER 1995|GSDA:Obtaining Hydrographic Data from ESRI Census TIGER 1995]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Hydrographic Data from the USGS / EPA|GSDA:Obtaining Hydrographic Data from the USGS / Epa]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Hydrographic Data from WebGIS|GSDA:Obtaining Hydrographic Data from WebGIS]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Stream Data from the USGS WaterWatch|GSDA:Obtaining Stream Data from the USGS WaterWatch]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Stream Stage Data from the USDA/NRCS|GSDA:Obtaining Stream Stage Data from the USDA/NRCS]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Stream Stage Data from the USGS NWISWeb|GSDA:Obtaining Stream Stage Data from the USGS NWISWeb]]
;7.2.c.3. Imagery
:[[GSDA:Obtaining DOQ Image Data from MSN TerraServer|GSDA:Obtaining DOQ Image Data from MSN TerraServer]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining DOQs from The National Map on SDDS|GSDA:Obtaining DOQs from The National Map on SDDS]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Image Data from MSN TerraServer|GSDA:Obtaining Image Data from MSN TerraServer]]
;7.2.c.4. Meteorologic Data
:[[GSDA:Meteorologic Data|GSDA:Meteorologic Data]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from NOAA|GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from NOAA]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from PRISM|GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from PRISM]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from the NCDC / NNDC Climate Data Online|GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from the NCDC / NNDC Climate Data Online]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from the RCC|GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from the RCC]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from the UCC|GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation Data from the UCC]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation or Snow Data from USDA / NRCS|GSDA:Obtaining Precipitation or Snow Data from USDA / NRCS]]
;7.2.c.5. Oceanic Data
:[[GSDA:Oceanic Data|GSDA:Oceanic Data]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Coastline Data from NOAA NGDC|GSDA:Obtaining Coastline Data from NOAA NGDC]]
;7.2.c.6. Surface Characteristics
:[[GSDA:Surface Characteristics|GSDA:Surface Characteristics]]
:[[GSDA:Creating a Table of Runoff Coefficients|GSDA:Creating a Table of Runoff Coefficients]]
:[[GSDA:Land Use Codes|GSDA:Land Use Codes]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Land Use Data from the EPA|GSDA:Obtaining Land Use Data from the EPA]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Land Use Data from the USGS|GSDA:Obtaining Land Use Data from the USGS]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Land Use Data from WebGIS|GSDA:Obtaining Land Use Data from WebGIS]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type (SSURGO) Data from Soil Data Mart|GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type (SSURGO) Data from Soil Data Mart]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type (SSURGO) Data from the Geospatial Data Gateway|GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type (SSURGO) Data from the Geospatial Data Gateway]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type (STATSGO) Data from the NRCS|GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type (STATSGO) Data from the NRCS]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type Data from NRCS - SSURGO|GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type Data from the NRCS - SSURGO]]
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type Data from the NRCS - STATSGO|GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type Data from the NRCS - STATSGO]]
:[[GSDA:Table of Runoff Curve Numbers (SCS, 1986)|GSDA:Table of Runoff Curve Numbers]]
;7.2.c.6.1. Obtaining Soil Type Data from the EPA
:[[GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type Data from the EPA|GSDA:Obtaining Soil Type Data from the EPA]]
:[[GSDA:Statsgolmport readme|GSDA:Statsgolmport readme]]

;7.3. Archives
;7.3. Archives

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SMS User Manual (v11.1)

The Surface-water Modeling System

1. Introduction
What is SMS?
Sample Problems
SMS Screen
What's New in SMS 11.1
1.1. General Information
Bugfixes SMS
FHWA:2010 Webinars
General Interface Features
Keyboard Shortcuts
1.2. Layout
Data Toolbar
Dynamic Tools
Edit Window
Graphics Window
Help or Status Window
Menu Bar
Project Explorer
Project Explorer Right-Click Menus
SMS Menus
Static Tools
Time Steps Window
1.3. Support
FTP Site Info
License Agreement
Registering SMS
Hardware Locks
Graphics Card Troubleshooting
Introduction to Setting up SMS
System Requirements


2. Functionalities
Object Info
Select/Delete Data...
2.1. 2D Plots
Plot Window
Computed vs. Observed Data
Error Summary
Error vs. Simulation Plot
Error vs. Time Step Plot
Observation Profile
Profile Customization Dialog
Residual vs. Observed Data
Time Series
Time Series Data File
Time Series Plot
ARR Mesh Quality Assessment Plot
2.2. Animation(Film Loop)
Film Loop Display Options
Film Loop Drogue Plot Options
Film Loop Flow Trace Options
Film Loop General Options
Film Loop Multiple Views
Film Loop Time Step Options
2.3. CAD Data
CAD Data
CAD Data Right-Click Menus
2.4. Coordinate Systems
Coordinate Systems
Coordinate Conversions
CPP Coordinate System
Geographic Coordinate System
Local Coordinate System
Single Point Conversion
2.4.a. Projections
UTM Africa
UTM Asia
UTM Australia
UTM Coordinate System
UTM Europe
UTM North America
UTM South American
2.4.b. State Plane Coordinate System
State Plane Coordinate System
Alaska State Plane
Hawaii State Plane
Mideast State Plane
Midwest State Plane
New England State Plane
Northwest State Plane
South Central State Plane
South East State Plane
Southwest State Plane
Virginia Area State Plane
2.5. Datasets
Dataset Toolbox
Data Calculator
Size Datasets
Smooth Datasets
Dataset Info
2.6. Display Options
Display Options
Color Options
Functional Surfaces
Lighting Options
Raster Options
General Display Options
Z Magnification
Contour Options
Vector Display Options
Visualization for 3D Solutions
2.7. Export Options
Export Tabular File
Exporting Profile Dialog
Export Meshes in MIF/MID Format
Export Dataset Dialog
Export Map Data in Shape Format
2.8. Geometric Tools
Data transform
Zonal Classification
2.9. Images
Image Pyramids
Import from Web
Registering an Image
Save as Image
Web Service for Background Imagery
2.10. Preferences
Time Settings
2.11. Spectral Energy
Spectral Energy
Create Spectral Energy Grid
Generate/Edit Spectra
Import Spectra
Spectral Grid Properties
2.12. Datasets(VTK)
Datasets VTK
Conversions Scalar↔Vector
Dataset Calculator VTK
Interpolation VTK


3. Modules
3.1. 1D Grid Module
1D Grid Module
1D Grid Display Options
1D Grid Tools
3.2. 1D River Module
1D River Module
1D River Hydraulics Data Browser
1D River Hydraulics Profile Plots
1D River Module Menus
Editing Cross Sections
Extracting Cross Sections
Interpolate Cross Sections
Managing Cross Sections
Recompute All Stations
3.3. 3D Cartesian Grid Module
3D Cartesian Grid Module
3D Cartesian Grid Module Display Options
3.4. Cartesian Grid Module
Cartesian Grid Module
Cartesian Grid Module Overview
2D Grid Files
Cartesian Grid Coordinates
Cartesian Grid Data Menu
Cartesian Grid Module Display Options
Cartesian Grid Tools
Grid Frame
Grid Smoothing
Refine Point Dialog
3.5. Curvilinear Grid Module
Curvilinear Grid Module
Curvilinear Grid Display Options
Curvilinear Grid Tools
3.6. GIS Module
GIS Module
Importing Shapefiles
GIS Module Tools
GIS Module Menus
GIS Module Display Options
GIS to Feature Objects Wizard
3.7. Map Module
Map Module
Map Module Overview
Grid Frame
3.7.a. Coverage Types
3.7.a.1. Generic Coverages
Generic Coverages
Area Property Coverage
Feature Stamping
Spatial Data
3.7.a.2. Model Specific Coverages
Model Specific Coverages
1D Hyd Cross Section Coverage
1D River Conceptual Model
ADCIRC Wind Coverage
ESMF – Earth System Modeling Framework
Generic Mesh Coverage
Synthetic Storm Coverage
TUFLOW Coverages
3.7.b. Interface Components
Interface Components
Map Module Display Options
Map Module Menus
Map Feature Objects Menu
Map Module Tools
Project Explorer Items
3.7.c. Functionalities
Feature Objects Types
Attributes in Feature Objects Menu
3.7.c.1. Feature Object Creation
Convert From Mesh/Scatter
Build Polygons
3.7.c.2. Feature Object Modification
Converting Coverages
Unstructured Grid Generation from a Conceptual Model
Select/Delete Data...
Feature Object Commands
3.8. Mesh Module
Mesh Module
3.8.a. Mesh Generation
Mesh Generation
Refine Attributes Dialog
Refine Point Dialog
2D Mesh Options Dialog
2D Mesh Polygon Properties
Advancing Front Triangulation
Mesh Node Triangulation
Rectangular Patch
Scalar Paving Density
Triangular Patch
Adaptive Tesselation
3.8.b. Interface Components
3.8.b.1. Mesh Module Display Options
Mesh Module Display Options
Mesh Quality
3.8.b.2. 2D Mesh Module Tools
2D Mesh Module Tools
Editing 2D Meshes
2D Mesh Module Tools Right-Click Menus
3.8.b.3. 2D Mesh Module Menus
2D Mesh Module Menus
2D Mesh Nodestrings Menu
Mesh Data Menu
3.8.b.3.1. 2D Mesh Elements Menu
2D Mesh Elements Menu
Element types
Assign Material Type
Boundary Triangles
Convert Elements
Find Element
Mesh Element Options
Relax Elements
Fix Bad Area Transitions
3.8.b.3.2. 2D Mesh Nodes Menu
2D Mesh Nodes Menu
2D Mesh Node Options Dialog
Find 2D Mesh Node Dialog
Reduce Nodal Connectivity
3.9 Particle Module
Particle Module
Particle Module Display Options
Particle Module Menus
Particle Module Tools
Particle Report
Extract Particle Subset
3.9.a. Particle Module Datasets
Particle Grid Dataset Bin Elevations
Particle Module Compute Grid Datasets
Particle Module Create Datasets
PTM Create Grid Datasets – Fence Diagrams
3.10 Scatter Module
Scatter Module
Scatter Data Tools
Scatter Menu
Scatter Data Menu
Scatter Triangles Menu
Scatter Vertices Menu
3.10.a. Interface Components
Interface Components
Scatter Module Menus
Scatter Module Display Options
3.10.a.1. Scatter Module Tools
Scatter Module Tools
3.10.a.2. Project Explorer Items
Project Explorer Items
Scatter Module Right-Click Menus
3.10.b. Functionalities
Scalar Value Options
Scatter Datasets
Grid Frame Dialog
Use of DEMs in the Scatter Module
Scatter Breakline Options
Scatter Breakline Menu
Process Boundary Triangles
Interpolate to Scatter Set
Generate Contour Breaklines
3.10.c. Scatter Interpolation
Scatter Interpolation
Laplacian Interpolation
Inverse Distance Weighted Interpolation
Natural Neighbor Interpolation
Linear Interpolation
3.11 Raster Module
Raster Module
Raster Functionalities
Raster Module Interface

Generic Models

4. General Numeric Models
SMS Models
4.1. Generic Mesh Model
Generic Mesh Model
Generic Model Files
Generic Model Graphical Interface
4.2. PTM
PTM Model Control
PTM Graphical Interface
PTM Particle Filters
PTM Polygon Attributes Dialog
PTM Traps
4.2.a. PTM Coverages
PTM Coverages
PTM Gage Coverage
4.2.a.1. PTM Sources
PTM Sources
PTM Arc Attributes Dialog
PTM Feature Point Attributes Dialog
4.2.b. PTM Files
PTM Files
PTM Control File
PTM Sediment File
PTM Source File
PTM Wave File
PTM Trap File
PTM Trap Output
PTM Boundary Condition File
4.3. Generic Grid Model
Generic Grid Model
Creating a Generic Grid

Coastal Models

5. Coastal Numeric Models
ADCIRC Database
ADCIRC Graphical Interface
ADCIRC Model Control
Refine Attributes Dialog
ADCIRC Spatial Attributes
5.1.a. ADCIRC Boundary Conditions
ADCIRC Boundary Conditions
ADCIRC BC Nodestrings
ADCIRC Weirs and Island Barriers
5.2. BOUSS-2D
BOUSS-2D Calculators
BOUSS-2D Graphical Interface
BOUSS-2D Parameter File
BOUSS-2D Probes
BOUSS2D Right click Menu
BOUSS-2D Test Cases
Saving BOUSS-2D
5.2.a. Runup/Overtopping
BOUSS Runup / Overtopping
BOUSS Runup / Overtopping Input Files
BOUSS Runup / Overtopping Viewing Data
CGWAVE BC Node Strings
CGWAVE Boundary Conditions
CGWAVE Boundary Conditions Dialog
CGWAVE Governing Equations
CGWAVE Graphical Interface
CGWAVE Incident Wave Conditions
CGWAVE Model Control
CGWAVE Numerical Solution
CGWAVE Practical Notes
CGWAVE Test Cases
Long Wave Input Toolbox
5.4. CMS
CMS-Flow/CMS-Wave Steering
CMS-Flow/Save Points
5.4.a. CMS-Flow
CMS-Flow Cell Attributes
CMS-Flow Graphical Interface
CMS-Flow Grid Modification Flag
CMS-Flow Hard Bottom
CMS-Flow Hot Start
CMS-Flow Menu
CMS-Flow Model Control
CMS-Flow Observation Cells
CMS-Flow Output Control
CMS-Flow Spatial Datasets
CMS-Flow Time Control
CMS-Flow Transport Control
CMS-Flow User-Editable Datasets
Lund Cirp and Watanabe Formula
Q&A CMS-Flow
Telescoping Grids
5.4.b. CMS-Wave
CMS-WAVE Cell Attributes Dialog
CMS-WAVE Graphical Interface
CMS-WAVE Model Control
CMS-WAVE Spectral Coverage
5.4.b.1. CMS-WAVE Files
CMS-WAVE Control File
CMS-WAVE Simulation File
CMS-WAVE Spectral Energy File
CMS-WAVE Spectral Table File
CMS-WAVE Structure File
5.5. GenCade
GenCade Files
GenCade Modeling Process
Practical Notes For Using GenCade
5.5.a. GenCade Graphical interface
GenCade Graphical Interface
GenCade Arc Attributes
GenCade Events
GenCade Menu
GenCade Model Control Dialog
GenCade Result Visualization
GenCade Structures
Wave Gages
Grid Nesting
STWAVE Boundary Conditions
STWAVE Cell Attributes
STWAVE Graphical Interface
STWAVE Model Control
STWAVE Output Control Dialog
5.7. WAM
WAM Map to Raster Utility
5.7.a. WAM Graphical Interface
WAM Graphical Interface
WAM Grid Options
WAM Simulation Model Control
WAM Spectra from STWAVE Grids

Riverine and Estuarine Models

6. Riverine and Estuarine Models
6.1. ADH
ADH Bed Layers Assignment
ADH Boat Definition File Cards
ADH Extract WSE
ADH Hot Start File
ADH Hot Start Initial Conditions
ADH Material Properties
ADH Run Model
ADH Sediment Transport and Bed Layers
ADH String Structures
ADH Time Series
ADH Time Series Attributes
ADH Velocity Series Editor
ADH Vessel Coverage
ADH Wind Stations
6.1.a. ADH Boundary Condition
ADH Boundary Condition
ADH Boundary Condition File Cards
6.1.b. ADH Model Control
ADH Model Control
ADH Model Control Model Parameters
ADH Model Control Iterations
ADH Model Control Time
ADH Model Control Output
ADH Model Control Global Material Properties
ADH Model Control Transport Constituents
ADH Model Control Consolidation
ADH Model Control Advanced
ADH Model Control Solver
6.1.c. ADH Sediment Library Control
ADH Sediment Library Control
Sediment Properties
C2SHORE Sediment Properties
FESWMS Arc Attributes Dialog
FESWMS BC Nodestrings
FESWMS Executable Known Issues
FESWMS Graphical Interface
FESWMS Hydraulic Structures
FESWMS Material Properties
FESWMS Model Control Dialog
FESWMS Point Attributes Dialog
FESWMS Sediment Control
FESWMS Spindown
6.3. TABS - RMA2/RMA4
TABS Attribute Dialog
Total Flow Nodestring
6.3.a. GFGEN
GFGEN Executable Known Issues
6.3.b. RMA2
Nodal Transition (Marsh Porosity) Dialog
Rainfall Values Dialog
RMA2 1D Control Structures
RMA2 Boundary Conditions
RMA2 Files
RMA2 Graphical Interface
RMA2 Material Properties
RMA2 Menu
RMA2 Model Control Dialog
RMA2 Spindown
Roughness Options Dialog
Saving RMA2
6.3.c. RMA4
RMA4 Boundary Conditions
RMA4 Files
RMA4 Graphical Interface
RMA4 Material Properties
RMA4 Menu
RMA4 Model Control
Saving RMA4
Batch Runs
Command Objects
Define TUFLOW domain
Reading a TUFLOW Simulation
TUFLOW 2D Geometry Components
TUFLOW Boundary Conditions
TUFLOW Check Files
TUFLOW Combining 1D and 2D Domains
TUFLOW Grid Options
TUFLOW Inlet Database
TUFLOW Irregular Culverts
TUFLOW Linking 2D Domains
TUFLOW Manholes
TUFLOW Material Properties
TUFLOW Model Parameters
TUFLOW Numeric Engine
TUFLOW Simulation


7. Appendix
7.1. Quick Tour
Quick Tour
Quick Tour Animation
Quick Tour Background Images
Quick Tour Calibration
Quick Tour Calibration Tartgets
Quick Tour Conceptual Models
Quick Tour Coordinate Conversions
Quick Tour Data Calculator
Quick Tour Datasets
Quick Tour Edit Strip
Quick Tour FESWMS... to Learn More
Quick Tour FHWA
Quick Tour Feature Objects
Quick Tour Feature Stamping
Quick Tour Filtering
Quick Tour Generic Model
Quick Tour Help Strip
Quick Tour Layout
Quick Tour Macros
Quick Tour Menus
Quick Tour Model Conversion
Quick Tour Models... to Learn More
Quick Tour Modules
Quick Tour Network Creation
Quick Tour Observation Coverage... to Learn More
Quick Tour Polygon Attributes
Quick Tour Profiles
Quick Tour Project Explorer
Quick Tour Scatter Data
Quick Tour Support
Quick Tour Tools
Quick Tour USACE-WES Models
Quick Tour Visualization
7.2. File Support
7.2.a. File Formats
File Formats
2D Mesh Files *.2dm
2D Scatter Point Files
ARC/INFO® ASCII Grid Files *.arc
ASCII Dataset Files *.dat
Binary Dataset Files *.dat
Boundary ID Files
Boundary XY Files
Coastline Files *.cst
Color Palette Files *.pal
Drogue Files *.pth
File Extensions
Fleet Wind Files
Importing Non-Native SMS Files
KMZ Files
LandXML Files
Map Files
Material Files *.mat
MIKE 21 *.mesh
Native SMS Files
Quad4 Files
Settings Files *.ini
SMS Super Files *.sup
Tabular Data Files - SHOALS *.pts
TIN Files
XY Series Files
XY Series Editor
XYZ Files
Generic Vector/Raster Files
Import from Web
Registering an Image
7.2.b. File Import Wizards
File Import Wizard
File Import Filter Options
File Import Wizard Supported File Formats
7.3. Archives
Archived Models
7.3.a. What's New for Previous Versions
What's New in SMS 11.0
What's New in SMS 10.1
What's New in SMS 10.0