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[CW:CityWater Project Details]
[CW:CityWater Project Details]
==Sept 2019==
**Ten User per organization is now the default. However you can pay for more users.
**One concurrent use per account.
**Users set as inactive will still occupy one of the seats available for their organization.
**There are now two account types (Client Account Management and viewer) instead of six types (Standard, Professional, Enterprise).
**Add-ons are available for more functionality.
**Client Managers manage other companies and therefore multiple organizations.
**Client Managers can create organizations, users, and upload projects.
**Organization Admin are able to edit projects, create new projects, and manage users.
**Enterprise now refers to a dedicated server (except for the Enterprise Organizations created in previous versions of the software), which isn't necessary for most user.
**Billing Contact is now mandatory. For companies that have other companies under them using City Water they can chose to have Aquaveo bill them or their clients directly.
**Billing Date should reflect the next time you would be billed (one year after the purchase date).
**Increasing a model by 50% or more will incur an intermediate bill.
**Aquaveo accepts models with up to 50,000 pipes on their server. If you need more pipes in your model, you can contact Aquaveo about our Enterprise option.
**City Water is sold on a scale of how many pipes your project has rather than in tiers.
**Nodes layer and Head layer are now dynamically different for each model to reflect the range of values present in each project.
**Icons images in the footer of the map has changed slightly to be more uniform (functionality remains the same).
**Downloading images no longer gets stuck on the loading bar.
**Animating now reflects the changes from scenarios.
**Outliers are now ignored to focus on the majority of the model.
**Pipes and nodes now show more significant digits for models using millions of gallons.

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[CW:CityWater Project Details]