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Todo list for moving AHGW wiki pages to the XMS Wiki:

  • Yes check.svg Done! Create the AHGW namespace
  • Yes check.svg Done! Upload icons from AHGW and ArcGIS that are needed for the pages
  • Yes check.svg Done! Create a main page at AHGW:AHGW (perhaps based on this page)
    • Yes check.svg Done! Have link to ESRI
  • Yes check.svg Done! Create Template:Navbox AHGW

Old wiki pages

Pages to move from the AHGW Wiki:

Pages to create

Also create appropriate redirects and categories as needed.

Create new screenshots as needed (many of them are 9+ years old).

Other pages created

Redirects created

Categories created

Templates created

Final steps

  • Update this page to:
    • Change the "Hydro Resource Center" link to this link
    • Change the name of the above link to "ArcGIS Documentation"
    • Change "Arc Hydro Groundwater Wiki" link to this link
    • Change "Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools" link to this one
  • Add AHGW link to the "XMS Projects" menu on the top left side of the XMSwiki
  • Create AHGW:Tutorial Archives
  • Update Tutorial Archives to include links to AHGW tutorial archives