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Todo list for moving AHGW wiki pages to the XMS Wiki:

  • Yes check.svg Done! Create the AHGW namespace
  • Yes check.svg Done! Upload icons from AHGW and ArcGIS that are needed for the pages
  • Yes check.svg Done! Create a main page at AHGW:AHGW (perhaps based on this page)
    • Yes check.svg Done! Have link to ESRI
  • Yes check.svg Done! Create Template:Navbox AHGW

Old wiki pages

Pages to move from the AHGW Wiki:

Pages to update

These pages need to be cleaned up, have new graphics added, etc.

Pages to create

Also create appropriate redirects and categories as needed.

Create new screenshots as needed (many of them are 9+ years old).

Other pages created

Redirects created

Categories created

Templates created

Final steps

  • Update this page to:
    • Change the "Hydro Resource Center" link to this link
    • Change the name of the above link to "ArcGIS Documentation"
    • Change "Arc Hydro Groundwater Wiki" link to this link
    • Change "Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools" link to this one
  • Add AHGW link to the "XMS Projects" menu on the top left side of the XMSwiki
  • Create AHGW:Tutorial Archives
  • Update Tutorial Archives to include links to AHGW tutorial archives