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Image files are used in conjunction with TIFF files that have been previously imported to WMS and registered. They include the name of the TIFF file, the registration points, and the bounds of the clipping window. The format of the image file is shown in Figure 1 and a sample image file is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1. The Image File Format
IMAGE /*File type identifier */
TIFF “filename” /* Indicates the name of the tiff file used */
PT1 u1 v1 x1 y1
PT2 u2 v2 x2 y2
PT3 u3 v3 x3 y3
x1 x2
y1 y2
Figure 2. Sample Image File
TIFF "jonescyn.tif"
PT1 0 756 422424.030700 4519460.893988
PT2 0 0 422424.030700 4515391.182075
PT3 715 0 426273.322285 4515391.182075
422424.030700 426273.322285
4515391.182075 4519460.893988

The card types used in the Image file format are as follows:

Card Type IMAGE
Description File type identifier. Must be on first line of file. No fields.
Required YES

Card Type TIFF
Description Defines the name of the TIFF file to be displayed as an image.
Required YES
Format TIFF "filename"
Sample TIFF "jonescyn.tif"
Field Variable Value Description
1 filename str The name of the TIFF file.

Card Type PT1, PT2, PT3
Description The three registration points used to define locations on a given image.
Required YES
Format PT1 tx1 ty1 wx1 wy1
PT2 tx2 ty2 wx2 wy2
PT3 tx3 ty3 wx3 wy3
Sample PT1 117 797 0.000000 10000.000000
PT2 117 88 0.000000 0.000000
PT3 1053 88 13220.0 0.000000
Field Variable Value Description
1-2 tx ty ± Texture map coordinates.
3-4 wx wy ± World coordinates.

Description Defines the coordinates of the area in the TIFF file to be displayed as the image. (The area clipped and displayed from the TIFF file.)
Required YES
xmin xmax
ymin ymax
-628.990382 14338.471657
-857.665608 8354.617436
Field Variable Value Description
1-2 xmin xmax ± Min and max values in the x direction.
3-4 ymin ymax ± Min and max values in the y direction.