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The following is a list of the more significant changes that will be introduced in GMS 10.3.

    1. Support for preserving DISU data created outside of GMS
    2. Map Shapefile to CLN
    3. Update to PEST 14.0
    4. Update to MODFLOW-NWT 1.1.2
    5. Support for SYTP parameter type for HUF package
    6. Zone flow for MODFLOW-USG ZoneBudget (GMS Feature Request)
    7. Mapping SFR2 to multiple surface layers (GMS Feature Request)
  2. MT3D-USGS
    1. New model added to GMS
  3. mod-PATH3DU
    1. Support for version 1.1.0 including new Waterloo method and modified grid specification file
    2. Support for DefaultIFACE
    3. Model Checker added to find obvious model setup errors
    4. Model Wrapper and automatic reading of the solution
    5. Export options to save shapefiles of pathlines, pathline points, and polygon capture zones
    6. Option to create starting locations from UGrid points or cell centers
    7. Interface taken out of beta
  4. UGrids
    1. Display Options per UGrid
    2. Split a UGrid layer (GMS Feature Request)
  5. New Tutorials
    1. mod-PATH3DU Transient tutorial
    2. MT3D-USGS Tutorial
    3. Shapefile to CLN
    4. Recharge
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. Higher resolution bitmaps for use on higher resolution displays
    2. Get Data Tool for downloading online data for a polygonal area
    3. Improved 2D mesh generation
    4. Change to dialog that asks about saving changes on File|New
    5. Export 3D Grid layer contours to a shapefile.
    6. New Empty UGrid 2D command for creating UGrids that points will be added to (like a TIN or 2D Scatter Set)
    7. Notes (GMS Feature Request)
    8. Time format options (GMS Feature Request)
    9. Export multiple particle sets to shapefiles (GMS Feature Request)
    10. Include starting cell in pathline report for MODPATH, MP3DU (GMS Feature Request)
    11. TOB enhancements: iConcINTP set to 1 by default, add the well id to the comment lines in the header of the TOBS input file (GMS Feature Request)
    12. Reuse PEST Jacobian (GMS Feature Request)
    13. Option to export only active grid cells to shapefile (GMS Feature Request)
    14. Pathline arrows (time markers) to shapefile (GMS Feature Request)