GSDA:Importing a DEM file into WMS

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  1. Start WMS.
  2. Select Open under the File menu.
  3. Navigate to the location of the saved data files.
  4. Select the DEM file which will have a *.dem, or *.ddf extension.
    • HINT: If there are numerous files in the directory you may want to change the Files of Type field to "USGS DEM File (*.dem, *.ddf)" to cut down on clutter.
    • NOTE: If the DEM is in SDTS format, then highlight any one of the *.ddf files.
  5. Open the file, an Importing USGS DEMs dialog window will pop-up.
    • HINT: Click the Add button to conjoin additional DEMs.
    • NOTE: Make sure the elevation units are set appropriately. For example, choosing meters tells WMS to convert the original DEM elevation units to meters. If the original units are meters, no change is made; if the original units are feet, the elevations will be converted to meters upon importing the data.
  6. Click the OK button.
    • If you cannot see the DEM, make sure that the DEM Contours option is turned on on the DEM tab of the Display Properties dialog.