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Maps, Tables, and Charts of Snow and Rainfall


Obtain NEXRAD Radar Data from NCDC

NNDC Climate Data Online Obtain historical precipitation data from the NNDC Online site

Fifteen minute and hourly historical data in ascii format at no cost.

NOAA Atlas 2 Obtain digital rainfall grids from NOAA Atlas 2

Precipitation-Frequency maps for the Western US at a 15 ' resolution (~400m)

  • Grid in Geographic NAD 83 coordinates
  • Grid values in inches * 100,000

NOAA Obtain precipitation data from NOAA

A massive collection of climate-related data, tables and maps for gages, states and more.

Regional Climate Centers Obtain precipitation data from the RCC

A variety of precipitation data from NOAA Atlas 2 precipitation/duration/frequency maps to snow data.

Utah Climate Center Obtain precipitation data from the Utah Climate Center

Gage data (i.e., precipitation, snowfall, temperature) for all 50 US states and around the world.

NRCS PRISM Obtain precipitation data from NRCS PRISM

Thirty-year average (normal) precipitation maps for each state as well as GIS precipitation data.

NRCS NWCC Obtain precipitation data from NRCS NWCC

A wide variety of precipitation and snow data in graph, chart and table format.

OneRain Obtain precipitation data from OneRain

Radar and rain gage data combined to create accurate rainfall estimates. This data must be purchased.

Precipitation Overview

Climatological data such as precipitation, evapo-transpiration, wind and temperature are usually found in university libraries and are published by the U.S. Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Precipitation data includes depth, intensity, duration, recurrence intervals, snowfall etc. Methods of calculating precipitation for a watershed from gage data include the Thiessen polygon method, the isohyetal method, and a simple arithmetic mean. Other forms of precipitation such as snow are also important. Snow data can be collected by various means such as SNOTEL and snow course.

Precipitation Tips