GSDA:Obtaining DOQ Image Data from MSN TerraServer

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Terraserver provides DOQs for viewing, purchasing, and sometimes free downloading. Although some of Terraserver's images are geopositioned (i.e., north = north), they are usually not georeferenced but can be for an extra fee (contact Terraserver for details).

  1. Go to Terraserver at
  2. Click on the View Images link near the center of the screen.
  3. Although you could use the coverage map, click on the advanced find button for this example.
  4. Enter as much information as you know about a particular place. For example, type in "Doylestown" in the City or Place Name field. Type in "Pennsylvania" in the State or Province field. Type in "USA" in the Country field and choose "City" from the Place Type field.
  5. Click the "go!" button. You could enter in more or less information than we just did, but either way Terraserver will search for your information based on what you enter—the more information you have the better. Terraserver will find any documents (i.e., maps, photographs) that match your search criteria.
  6. For this example, click on the USGS Aerial Photograph 28 Sep 1996 link under Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States. You are now looking at the aerial photograph. You can zoom out, zoom in, and even download the image if you wish. While at the Terraserver site, you can click on the Image Information button to view latitude/longitude as well as other information about the photograph.