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Rivers, Lakes, and Seas

webGIS Obtain hydrographic data from WebGIS

WebGIS provides data in shapefile and standard DLG formats

ESRI Census TIGER 1995 Obtain hydrographic data from ESRI Census 2000 TIGER

ESRI and the U.S. Census Bureau offer hydrographic data in shapefile format for ArcView or ARC/INFO

USGS/EPA Obtain hydrographic data from the USGS/EPA

The USGS/EPA offers hydrographic data for each CU (cataloging unit) in the US in either ESRI/ARC or USGS/SDTS format.

Hydrographic Waterbody Overview

By definition, hydrography is the study and survey of rivers, streams, creeks, springs, wells, ponds, lakes, reservoirs, oceans, seas, bays and estuaries with respect to their tides, flow characteristics, and navigability. Much of the available hydrographic information is in a format compatible with a GIS such as ArcView. Locating streams and other water bodies may be essential in creating a good model.

Hydrographic Waterbody Tips