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This page contains help about the XMS wiki.


A wiki is "a collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it."[1] Wikipedia is perhaps the most famous example. If wikis are new to you, you might want to read more about them on the MediaWiki User's Guide. The XMSWiki uses the same software (MediaWiki) that runs Wikipedia.

Namespaces contains information on 3 programs: SMS, WMS and GMS (collectively referred to as "XMS"). Wiki pages that refer to a particular program are in that program's "namespace" and will have "GMS", "SMS" or "WMS" prepended to the page title. For example, since MODFLOW is specific to GMS, the MODFLOW page title is "GMS:MODFLOW". Pages which are not specific to any of the three programs are not in a namespace (for example, KMZ files). If you can't find a page, it may be because it is in a namespace, so try prepending the XMS namespace to your search.

You can learn more about namespaces from the MediaWiki User's Guide under Help:Namespace


Article Appropriateness

Articles on should be primarily about the XMS software (GMS, SMS or WMS) or related programs (numerical models). If an article is about another topic, it should probably be in some other wiki or web site. Unlike Wikipedia, the XMSWiki is not an encyclopedia and is not a place for all things related to water modeling. XMS is commercial software and articles referring to competing software or which are overly critical in nature will be edited or removed. The XMSWiki is also not about the company, Aquaveo, which makes the software and you should see the Aquaveo web site for company information.


Do not use abuse copyrights and add copyrighted material here without getting authorization from the copyright holder. Doing so is illegal and against the policies of the XMSWiki and users found doing so will be banned and the copyrighted content removed. Please report any suspected copyright violations immediately by contacting support.


Articles that are specific to a particular XMS program should be put in that program's namespace by prepending {XMS}: to the article title (i.e. GMS:MODFLOW). Articles that are common to all XMS programs should not be included in a namespace.


A full XMSWiki style guide does not exist. In general, this wiki should follow the style guidelines that [Wikipedia uses]. But here are a few guidelines.

  • In particular, the standard heading styles are preferred over custom heading styles.

XMS Support

Free technical support is available for all current license holders of XMS software.

Please review our Tech Support Agreement.

You can contact technical support at or by calling us at (801) 691-5530.

Please be sure to include the following information:

   * Name and Company Name
   * Exact steps taken to reproduce the problem
   * Operating System you use
   * Amount of Physical Memory your machine has
   * Build Date of your software executable

Visit our hardware lock help page for help with hardware locks


Frequently Asked Questions