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Output tab of the ADH Model Control dialog

ADH output files are specified in the ADH Model Control dialog (ADH | Model Control... command). It is accessed in the ADH Model Control window by clicking on the Output tab

ADH will write solution data at startup and at each time step specified in a XY1 series definition and referred to by the OC card. Flux data will be included with the solution data if output flow strings are specified (see assigning boundary conditions).

The following controls specify how often solution data will be written by ADH and the number of flux boundaries present.

Output Times

List box contains the times to be contained in the output series. Multiple selection is enabled for deleting times.

  • Add by specifying a range / Add individual output time radio group specifies time information to be added. The Add by specifying a range control group includes Start at positive integer/real number field and units combo box, End at positive integer/real number field, and Increment positive integer/real number field and units combo box. The End at time units are the same as specified for the Start at time. The Add individual output time control includes a positive integer/real number field and units combo box. Each edit field allows for positive integer seconds or positive real number minutes, hours, etc with six decimal places. All times are rounded to the nearest whole second (a decimal minute is rounded to the nearest decimal minute with a whole second equivalent) before being added.
  • Add button includes the time information from the above radio group in the times list box. Duplicate times will be automatically removed from the list.
  • Delete button removes the selected time(s) from the list box.
  • Delete All buttons clears the entire times list without regard to the current selection.
  • View output times in combo box specifies the time unit the list box will display the output times in.
  • Specify curve fit tolerance check box and positive integer edit field specifies the series tolerance when checked.


Number of nodestrings specified to output flow calculated across themselves displays the total number of ADH flux boundaries included in the simulation.


Output adapted mesh files check box specifies whether geometry files will be saved as ADH adapts the mesh. The geometry will be outputted at the same interval specified in the list box for the solution data. This correlates to the PC ADP card.

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