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The CMS-Wave graphical interface includes tools to assist with creating, editing, and debugging a CMS-Wave model. The CMS-Wave interface exists in the Cartesian Grid Module.

Model Control

The CMS-Wave Model Control dialog is used to setup the options that apply to the simulation as a whole. These options include time controls, run types, output options, global parameters, print options and other global settings.

Running the Model

The CMS-Wave files are written automatically with the SMS project file or can be saved separately using the File | Save CMS-Wave or Save As menu commands. See CMS-Wave Files for more information on the files used for the CMS-Wave run.

CMS-Wave can be launched from SMS using the CMS-Wave | Run CMS-Wave menu command. A check of some of the common problems, called the Model Checker, is done each time the model is launched, or by selecting the CMS-Wave | Model Check menu command.

Visualizing Results

Select the spectral grid as the grid to use in the Spectral Energy dialog. This will open the spectral grid for viewing in the Spectral Energy dialog. Make sure to set the original grid back before leaving the dialog to ensure the model does not change.

CMS-Wave Menu

See CMS-Wave Menu for more information.

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