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CMS-Wave structure files (*.struct) contain a line defining the number of cells that should be treated as structures in the model simulation, and then a list of these cells with special features assigned to them. These are specified in the SMS interface by selecting the cell and assigning cell attributes (CMS-Wave menu or right click on selected cell). These cells can represent:

  • a floating breakwater
  • a bottom mound breakwater
  • a beach segment and the land adjacent to it
  • jetties or seawalls
  • underwater features such as reefs or submerged structures

A trench, submerged mound or structure can be added to the bed as features without modifying the input depth file. Each feature cell is described by four parameters in a line in the structure file. A sample file and table of the parameters is defined below.

File Format

number of structure cells
one row for each structure cell (each row includes the I and J indices of a selected output cell, the structure type and the modifier value

Sample File

4 /* there are 5 structure cells in this sample file */
10 15 1 3 /* cell (10,15) will be modified to have a depth of 3 meters */
23 41 2 0.5 /* model will calculate runup and overwash at cell (23,41). It will be assigned an elevation 0f 0.5 meters above sea level */
15 7 3 1.5 /* model will treat cell (15,7) as a floating breakwater with a draft of 1.5 meters to calculate transmission of waves under the structure */
16 22 4 3 /* model will treat cell (16,22) as a breakwater/seawall/mound with an elevation of 3 meters above sealevel */

Parameter definitions

kstruc Description Modifier value (cstruc)
1 add alternative depth without modifying input depth file specify the new structure depth (assumed land if no depth specified)
2 for calculation of wave runup and overwash on beach face or structure and adjacent land specify the elevation above mean water level for the cell. Input depth used in no value specified. Has no impact if elevation < 0)
3 for calculation of transmitted wave under a floating breakwater specify the floating breakwater draft (skipped if not provided or value is < 0.05 m)
4 for a vertical wall breakwater specify breakwater/structure elevation (input depth value used in not provided; immersed if value < 0.0)
5 for a composite or rubble-mound breakwater

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