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Many commands in SMS can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.

Standard Menu Shortcuts

Shortcuts for standard menu commands are listed in the table below.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Modifier Key Command
F Display | Frame Image
SPACE Display | Refresh
CTRL D Display | Display Options
DELETE Edit | Delete
CTRL C Edit | Copy to Clipboard
CTRL V Edit | Paste Tabular Data
CTRL A Edit | Select All
CTRL O File | Open
CTRL P File | Print
CTRL S File | Save Project
CTRL N File | Delete All
CTRL X File | Exit
F1 Help | SMS Help
F2 Pan
F3 Zoom
F4 Rotate
SHIFT F Display | View | Front
SHIFT O Display | View | Oblique
SHIFT V Display | View | View Options
SHIFT P Display | View | Plan
SHIFT Z Display | View | Previous
SHIFT S Display | View | Side
SHIFT Q Toggle snapping on and off.

ALT Key Navigation

Commands and menus in SMS can be accessed without the use of a mouse by pressing the ALT and then pressing the corresponding key for the menu and command. The keys are underlined in SMS after pressing the ALT key. When pressing the key to menu command, the command should activate. If it does not activate, press the ENTER key.

For more information see the article ALT Key Navigation.

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