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SMS supports importing TINs from a LandXML file. When importing LandXML files, SMS will check for duplicate points in the file.

LandXML Files (*.xml)

A LandXML file is a non-proprietary file format that stores civil/survey data such as points, faces, etc. making it easier to share surfaces between different programs. Several CAD and other packages support exporting data into the LandXML format. This makes LandXML a good choice for getting bathymetry/topographic data into SMS as the connectivity will be maintained.

Locating Data in a LandXML file

SMS only supports a subset of the LandXML definition specific to TINs. The specific data SMS looks for point location, and triangular connectivity information. To locate this data within the LandXML file, start by looking under the identifier "Definition surfType". Make sure that this is defined as "TIN". Then, look for the 'Pnts' identifier to read point locations by id. Next, look for the 'Faces' identifier to read the connectivity information. Note: In the LandXML file, the points are identified by their id number as well as by their coordinates (y,x,z) respectively.

LandXML Identifiers

A complete list of LandXML identifiers with their respective definitions can be found at on the right side of the page under LandXML-1.2 Schema. Click on the LandXML-1.2 Data Diagram.

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