WMS:1D-Hyd Cross Section Coverage Type WMS 10.1 and Older

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The 1D-Hydraulic Cross Section coverage is used to identify the cross section stations in the hydraulic model, and can also be used to automatically cut a cross section from an underlying digital terrain model. The attributes of a cross section feature arc is the cross-section itself, along with the other parameters that define its topology in the model and include: a Cross Section ID (internally assigned), the Reach Name (inherited from the centerline arc it intersects), the Station (inherited from the centerline), and any specific model attributes. The 1D-Hydraulic coverage is used in conjunction with the cross sections and digital terrain model in order to determine the thalweg position, or lowest point in the cross section (from the centerline arc) and the left and right bank points (from the bank arcs).

River Cross Section Attributes dialog.

A cross section is assigned automatically when cutting the cross sections, or can be assigned manually (imported from a file or entered directly) using the cross section editor.

Assign Cross Section Profile dialog

See the help for editing cross sections to learn more about how cross sections are managed and edited.

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