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The Project Explorer contents for the river module include hydraulic schematics, cross sections, reaches, links, and nodes. Cross sections and reaches are used with HEC-RAS and SMPBDK models. Links and nodes are used in SWMM models.

Right-clicking on a hydraulic schematic Hydraulic Folder Icon.svg gives several options. The available options changes depending on the type of model being used. For example, right-clicking on a SWMM schematic brings up the following menu:


Right-clicking on cross sections HydraulicCrossSection.svg, reaches HydraulicReach.svg, links HydraulicLink.svg, or nodes HydraulicNode.svg either from the Project Explorer window or from the Graphics Window brings up a menu similar to the following:


If making a change to the map data (arcs) used to generate the hydraulic schematic, just re-generate the schematic from the by right-clicking on the hydraulic schematic and selecting the Map→1D Schematic menu item.