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Blog posts on frequently contain articles on basic procedures and "how-to" guides in GMS, SMS, and WMS. Below is a list of blog posts:


Topic/Link Date Software Topics
Managing File Paths in WMS 5/21/2024 WMS preferences, executables, file tab, temp directory
Taking Advantage of the SRH-2D Channel Calculator 5/14/2024 SMS srh2d, boundary conditions, channel calculator, populate
Utilizing MODFLOW Symbols and Display Options 5/7/2024 GMS modflow, display options,
Moving Data to Other Geometries 4/30/2024 SMS toolbox, interpolation, interpolate to ugrid, interpolate datasets
New Import and Export Curvilinear Grid Tools 4/23/2024 SMS toolbox, import/export, curvilinear grid
Defining Constant Concentration for Multiple Species in MT3DMS 4/16/2024 GMS mt3dms, source sink, species
Streamlining Watershed Analysis with AGWA 4/9/2024 AGWA agwa, tethys, watershed, gssha
Tool to Fill a Hole in Unstructured Grid 4/2/2024 SMS ugrid, toolbox, Fill Holes in UGrid, Extract Subgrid
New MODFLOW-USG 3D Dataset to Array 3/26/2024 GMS modflow-usg, 3d dataset to array, evt, rch, ets
Differences Between AHGW and AHGW Pro 3/19/2024 AHGW pro, panes, ribbon, rasters, modflow analyst
Using the Mask Subset Smoothing Option 3/12/2024 SMS toolbox, dataset smoothing, interpolation
Understanding Pass Through Cells 3/5/2024 GMS modflow-usg, ugrid layers
Tips for Long Term Precipitation Simulations 2/27/2024 WMS gssha, uniform, gage, hyetograph, nexrad, hmet
Incorporating Rubble Mounds in CMS 2/20/2024 SMS cms-flow, cms-wave, coverages, structures
Generating a 3D Grid from Raster Data 2/13/2024 GMS 3D UGrid from Rasters tool, raster to ugrid
Deciding Between SRH-2D 2D Bridges and 3D Bridges 2/6/2024 SMS srh2d, 3d bridge, 3d structures, 2d bridge, pressure bridge
Understanding SRH-2D's Monitor Coverage 1/30/2024 SMS SRH, monitor lines, monitor points, monitor output file
Introducing HydroGeoSphere with GMS 1/23/2024 GMS HGS, setup
Defining Elevation and Storage Capacity of Detention Basins 1/16/2024 WMS Detention basins, Detention Basin Hydrograph Routing, Storage Capacity Input
Handling Depth vs. Elevation 1/9/2024 SMS elevation, depth, z values, bathymetry
Troubleshooting MODFLOW in GMS 1/2/2024 GMS model checker, model wrapper, output files, troubleshooting


Topic/Link Date Software Topics
Aquaveo 2026 12/26/2023 XMS releases, year review
Contours from Raster and Features from Raster 12/19/2023 XMS rasters, contour lines, feature objects
Two Tools for Creating a Raster from a Dataset 12/12/2023 SMS raster from dataset, wse/depth raster, toolbox
Announcing GMS 10.8 Beta! 12/5/2023 GMS hydrogeosphere, 3d ugrid from raster, color ramp
Changing Ports for Aquaveo License 11/28/2023 XMS registration, license, ports, location
Speed Up Edits Using Mesh Subsets 11/21/2023 SMS edit subset mesh, subset mode, large mesh
Utilizing the Transient Step Function Method 11/14/2023 GMS modflow, xy series, stress periods, transient data
Creating Reliable Arc Pairs for SRH-2D 11/7/2023 SMS srh, structures, arc error, arc direction, drawing arcs
Using Mesh Auto-Backup 10/31/2023 SMS toolbox, 2d mesh, backup, undo
Solution for Overlapping Points in MODFLOW 10/24/2023 GMS assign attributes, map to modflow
How to Turn on Hydrographs for GSSHA Outlets 10/17/2023 WMS gssha, properties, outlets, hydrographs
Solution for Overlapping Points in MODFLOW 10/24/2023 GMS modflow, boundary conditions, points, conceptual model
Using the Hydraulic Toolbox with SMS 10/10/2023 SMS hydraulic toolbox, urban hydraulics, flow analysis, curb and gutter calculator
How to Refine an Unstructured Grid 10/3/2023 GMS ugrid, refine, quadree
Tips for Locating the Correct Projection 9/26/2023 XMS coordinate systems, display projections, online maps
Using SRH-2D Initial Conditions 9/19/2023 SMS srh2d, model control, initial condition, dry, restart file,
Utilizing PEST Observations with MODFLOW 6 9/12/2023 GMS pest, observations, modflow 6, calibration
Understanding Software Graphics Mode 9/5/2023 XMS graphics card, troubleshooting
New Color Ramp Options in SMS 8/29/2023 SMS color ramp, contours, display options, palettes
Exporting Transient Observation Data 8/22/2023 GMS plot wizard, view values, csv file, export trans. obs.
ASCII Grid Files for GSSHA in WMS 8/15/2023 WMS gssha, dep, gfl, ascii, output, export
Utilizing SMS's Gravity Waves Tools 8/8/2023 SMS gravity waves courant number, gravity waves time step, coastal
Calculate the Water Level Below the Top of an Aquifer 8/1/2023 GMS data calculator, view values, head
Converting an Unprojected Raster to Vector Maps in SMS 7/25/2023 SMS raster, filter data, ugrid, projections
New Unstructured Grid Generation Tools in SMS 13.3 7/17/2023 SMS UGrid from coverage, UGrid from surface, toolbox
Understanding the MODFLOW Translator 7/11/2023 GMS modflow translator, modflow version
Combining Runoff Watershed Basins in WMS 7/3/2023 WMS runoff coefficient, soil group, land use
Announcing SMS 13.3 Beta 6/27/2023 SMS srh2d, toolbox, community edition
Selecting the Right MODFLOW Solver Package 6/20/2023 GMS MODFLOW solvers, pcg, gmg, lmg, nwt
Troubleshooting and SRH-2D Model 6/13/2023 SMS troubleshoot, output, model checker, errors, srh2d
Fixing Negative Water Depth 6/6/2023 SMS srh-2d, depth, elevation, data calculator, fill nodata
Creating a Pathline at Every Time Step with MODPATH 5/30/2023 GMS modpath, pathlines to arcs, reports
Filling Missing Raster Data 5/23/2023 WMS toolbox, raster elevations, tools, missing data, holes in data
Converting a 2D Mesh to a CAD Surface 5/16/2023 SMS 2d mesh, export, CAD data
Converting a 3D UGrid in GMS 5/9/2023 GMS ugrid, scatter set, cad export, conversion
Working with ADCIRC Levees in SMS 5/2/2023 SMS toolbox, adcirc tools, boundary conditions, structures, check/fix levee elevation
How to Include Sediment Transport in CMS-Flow 4/25/2023 SMS CMS-Flow, model control, sediment transport
Exploring the MODFLOW HUF Package 4/18/2023 GMS HUF package, modflow, hydrogeologic units, HUF materials, flow package
Using CAD Data to Delineate a Watershed 4/11/2023 WMS cad data, cad to feature objects, cad to tin, tin to dem, delineation
Methods for Redistributing Vertices 4/4/2023 SMS redistribute vertices, 2d mesh polygon properties, arc, bias
Setting Up a Cross Section Animation in GMS 3/28/2023 GMS cross sections, animation, display, film loop, mp4
Using the Blend Arcs Tool 3/21/2023 SMS blend arcs, map module, arc manipulation, centerline
Engineering with Nature in SMS 3/14/2023 SMS ewn, ewn features, sediment volume management
Using Bias When Creating a 3D Grid 3/7/2023 GMS 3d grid, bias, refinement
Using NetCDF Data with AHGW Pro 2/28/2023 AHGW netcdf, file import, geodatabase
Viewing SRH-2D Simulation Plots 2/21/2023 SMS model run, solution plots, srh, simulation
Working with Inactive Cells in MODFLOW 6 2/14/2023 GMS modflow 6, inactive cells, cell properties
Announcing WMS 11.2 Beta 2/7/2023 WMS beta, toolbox, mp4, color ramp, wintr-20
Interpolating Localized Elevation Values 1/31/2023 SMS scatter module, interpolation, elevation, mesh editing
Refining Quadtree Grids in SMS 1/24/2023 SMS ugrid, refine, quadtree generator coverage, cms-flow
Converting Between 2D and 3D Unstructured Grids 1/17/2023 GMS toolbox, ugrids, Extrude to 3D UGrid tool, UGrid 2D from UGrid 3D tool
Exploring the Drawing Tools in WMS 1/10/2023 WMS drawing tools, annotations, layer, drawing objects
Working with Functional Surfaces for UGrids in SMS 1/3/2023 SMS ugrids, functional surface, display options


Topic/Link Date Software Topics
Using the MODFLOW HFB Package 12/27/2022 GMS horizontal flow barrier
Computing Courant Number for an SRH-2D Number 12/21/2022 SMS toolbox, advective courant number
AHGW Pro for ArcGIS Pro now in Beta 12/14/2022 AHGW Pro arcgis, arc hydro
Exporting Contour Shapefiles from a 3D UGrid 12/7/2022 GMS 3D ugrid, export, shapefiles, contours, linear contours
Switching Model Executables 11/30/2022 XMS model executables, preferences
Exploring Display Themes in SMS 11/23/2022 SMS display themes, contours,
Creating UGrid Cross Sections in GMS 11/16/2022 GMS cross sections, ugrids, create cross section tool
Recovering SMS Projects Using Temp Files 11/9/2022 SMS save, temp files, data loss,
Using the SMS Toolbox History Tab 11/2/2022 SMS toolbox, tool history, rerun tool
Transferring Data Between GMS and ArcGIS Pro 10/26/2022 GMS, AHGW arcgis pro, import, export, shapefile, raster
Importing Data into CityWater 10/19/2022 CityWater epanet, import, inp file
Organizing project files in SMS 13.2 10/12/2022 SMS file management, save as package, directory, character limit
Using Layer Range Options in GMS 10/5/2022 GMS coverage setup, layer ranges, map to modflow, layer assignment
Using the ADCRIC Levee Elevation Tools 9/28/2022 SMS ADCRIC, levee, toolbox, elevation, fix, check
Using a 2D UGrid with SRH-2D 9/21/2022 SMS UGrid, srh-2d, 2d mesh polygon properties, ugrid generation
New Features in GMS 10.7 Beta 9/14/2022 GMS Toolbox, MDT, MODFLOW 6, MP4
Trimming DEMs in WMS 9/7/2022 WMS DEM, trim, trim by polygon, trim by elevation
Create Bridge Footprint Tool in SMS 13.2 8/31/2022 SMS toolbox, footprint tool, mesh generation, map coverage, ugrid
Using the Map from Coverage in GMS 8/24/2022 GMS modflow6, map to coverage, map from coverage, simulation, conceptual model
Tips for Modeling 3D Bridges in 13.2 8/17/2022 SMS 3d bridges, piers, arcs, ugrids
How to Export Contour Lines as Shapefiles in SMS 8/10/2022 SMS contour lines, shapefile, export, display options
Risk Analysis for Well Groups 8/3/2022 GMS well field, well groups, modpath, zone code
Hardware Guidance for XMS 7/27/2022 XMS harware, ram, processor
Specifying Arc Lengths in SMS 13.2 7/20/2022 SMS specify arc lengths, extend arc, shorten arc, modify arcs
Adding Multiple Screens to Well Points 7/13/2022 GMS well screens, well points, mnw2
Rebuilding an SRH-2D Restart File 7/6/2022 SMS srh2d, initial condition, restart file, dry run
Trimming and Extending Arcs with SMS 13.2 Beta 6/29/2022 SMS trim/extend arcs, arc editing
Using the UPW Package with MODFLOW-NWT 6/22/2022 GMS upw, modflow-nwt
Curve Number Values for NLCD land Use Data 6/15/2022 WMS compute gis attributes, land use table,
Merging Map Coverages in SMS 6/8/2022 SMS map coverage, merge coverages, coverage type
Defining UGrid Layer Attributes in GMS 6/1/2022 GMS UGrid, layer range, coverage setup, attribute table, modflow-usg
Comparing SRH-2D and HEC-RAS Solutions 5/25/2022 SMS srh2d, hec-ras, import, plot
Exporting Map Coverages in SMS 5/18/2022 SMS export, map coverage, dmc file
Using the MODFLOW Run Queue 5/11/2022 GMS simulation run queue, modflow 6, command line
Tips for Working with Virtual Machines 5/4/2022 XMS virtual machine, license, registration, file management
Tips for Using ADCIRC in SMS 4/27/2022 SMS adcirc, mesh, grid, fort.14, fort.22
Running MODFLOW Outside of GMS 4/20/2022 GMS modflow, run modflow, modflow files, native file, native text files, save native files, command prompt
Registering an Image in XMS 4/13/2022 XMS import image, register image, image coordinates
Reducing Scour in SRH-2D Sediment Transport 4/6/2022 SMS srh-2d, sediment transport, scour, materials, bc
Exporting Using the View Values Command 3/30/2022 GMS view values, edit dataset values, export
Tips for Watershed Delineation 3/23/2022 WMS watershed delineation, outlet point, dem
Tips for Organizing the Project Explorer in SMS 3/16/2022 SMS project explorer, folders, rename, notes
Using Exchanges with MODFLOW 6 3/9/2012 GMS gwf-gwf, gwf-gwt, modflow 6, exchanges
Introducing the Toolbox in SMS 13.2 3/2/2022 SMS toolbox, tool history, beta
Announcing SMS 13.2 Beta 2/23/2022 SMS beta, toolbox, interface updates
Having Multiple MODFLOW 6 Simulations in GMS 2/16/2022 GMS MODFLOW 6, MF6, simulation, coverages, ugrid, folders
Tips for Building a CE-QUAL-W2 Model in WMS 2/9/2022 WMS ce-qaul-w2, branch cleanup, segments
Understanding SRH-2D Obstructions 2/2/2022 SMS srh-2d, obstruction coverage, structures
Defining Hydraulic Conductivity for Specific Layers 1/26/2022 GMS hydraulic conductivity, specified layer, map coverage attributes, conceptual model, map to model
Using the Database Import Wizard in WMS 1/19/2022 WMS database import, sql
Understanding the Smooth Datasets Tool in SMS 1/12/2022 SMS dataset calculator, dataset toolbox, smooth datasets, smooth data, scatter sets
How to Export Contour Lines to a Shapefile 1/5/2022 GMS shapefile, export, save, contour lines, contour lines to shapefile command


Topic/Link Date Software Topics
Using Arc Annotations in SMS 12/22/2021 SMS arc annotations, tick marks, arc direction
New Features in GMS 10.6 Beta 12/15/2021 GMS beta, modflow 6 packages, exchanges, transport
Making Use of WMS Contour Labels 12/8/2021 WMS contour labels, display options
Best Practices for Extracting Features 12/1/2021 SMS extract features tool, channel, banks, raster
Avoiding Grid Over Refinement in GMS 11/24/2021 GMS overrefinement, grid generation, grid problems
World Bank ArcHydro Groundwater Training 11/17/2021 AHGW ahgw, training
Plotting Observed Data onto a Computed Time Series Plot 11/10/2021 SMS plots, observed data, scatter import, time series plot
Using the Axes Display Options in GMS 11/3/2021 GMS display options, axes, tick marks
Performing a Silent Install with ALS 10/27/2021 XMS installation, als
Associating HY-8 Files with SMS] 10/20/2021 SMS HY-8, SRH-2D, culverts, output files
Incorporating Transport Observation Points in a MT3DMS Model 10/13/2021 GMS TOB package, observations, mt3dms
Tips for using the Measure Tool in WMS 10/6/2021 WMS Measure tool, units, slope, distance, angle
Understanding SRH-2D Post-Processing] 9/29/2021 SMS SRH-2D, simulation run queue, post-processor, pre-processor
Using the Drawing Grid in GMS 9/22/2021 GMS display option, drawing grid
Changing the Display Order in WMS 9/15/2021 WMS display order, display options
Understanding SRH-2D No Flow Boundaries 9/8/2021 SMS srh-2d, bc conditions, wall, no-flow, void
Using the Equal Color Segment Height Legend Option 9/1/2021 GMS legend options, logarithmic legend, contour, equal color segment height
How to Change the Temp Directory in WMS 8/25/2021 WMS temp directory, preferences
Using BCDATA Lines with SRH-2D 8/18/2021 SMS bcdata, srh-2d, structures, flow calculation
Using a Well Pumping Rate to Calibrate a Model 8/11/2021 GMS PEST, wells, pumping rate, calibration, drawdown
Using a Shapefile with the Fast Flood Tool 8/4/2021 WMS, SMS Map Flood, Fast Flood, flood modeling, shapefile
Viewing a 3D Bridge in a Plot 7/28/2021 SMS 3d bridge, profile plot, plot options
Mapping Multiple Coverages in GMS 7/21/2021 GMS conceptual model, map coverages, map to MODFLOW
Viewing Multiple GSSHA Scenarios in a Hydrograph 7/14/2021 WMS gssha, hydrograph, groups, display options
Using 2D Monitor Plots and Structure Plots 7/7/2021 SMS srh-2d, structure plots, monitor plots, simulation run, solution results, post-processing
Converting External Materials to 3D Grid Materials 6/30/21 GMS boreholes, cross sections, 3d grid
How to Troubleshoot Graphics Card Issues and Display Issues 6/23/2021 XMS graphics card, display options,
How to Rebuild a Corrupted Project in SMS 6/16/2021 SMS corrupted files, rebuild project, import, required files
Tips for Stochastic Modeling in GMS 6/9/2021 GMS stochastic, PEST
Converting a lidar file to a DEM in WMS 6/2/2021 WMS lidar, DEM, raster
Importing SRH-2D Native Files 5/26/2021 SMS SRH-2D, import, native files
Refining 3D Grids in GMS 5/19/2021 GMS UGrids, 3D grids, refine point, refine grid, layers
New Features to Check Out in WMS 11.1 Beta 5/12/2021 WMS beta, gssha, map module, gis module
Reintroducing HEC-RAS 1D in SMS 5/5/2021 SMS hec-ras 1d, 1d module
Importing Older Projects into GMS 4/28/2021 GMS importing, old projects
Using the Time Series Editor 4/21/2021 Other file format, time series, xy series, time series data editor
New Project Explorer Commands in SMS 13.1 4/14/20212 SMS project explorer, save to cad, menus
Importing a Shapefile to the DRN Package 4/7/2021 GMS DRN, drainage, shapefile, MODFLOW
Creating Water Levels in AHGW 3/31/2021 AHGW water level, create xs2d line feature class
Tips for Reprojecting Quadtrees 3/24/2021 SMS projections, coordinate systems, quadtrees, reproject
Tips for Mapping Solids to MODFLOW 3/17/20217 GMS solids module, mapping,raster catalog, modflow, set operation, huf
Changes to Aquaveo Registration 3/10/2021 XMS registration, ALS, licensing, flex codes, local codes, preferences, legacy registration
Using the Import Wizard to Create a Cross Section Database 3/3/2021 SMS file import wizard, cross sections, cross section database
Plotting Conductance for the DRN Package 2/24/2021 GMS drain, contours, DRN package
Using Shapefiles for Stream Arcs in WMS 2/17/2021 WMS shapefiles, stream arcs, arc attributes, GIS to Feature Objects
Using the Compute Derivative Tool in SMS 2/10/2021 SMS dataset toolbox, temportal calculators, compute derivative
Troubleshooting Importing Boreholes in GMS 2/3/2021 GMS boreholes, import, projections
Using Evaluations Versions of GMS, SMS, and WMS 1/27/2021 XMS registration, evaluation
Customizing Simulation Commands in SMS 1/20/2021 SMS simulalations, right-click menu, project explorer, preferences, save, run model
Zooming with Annotations 1/13/2021 GMS, SMS zoom to layer, annotations, zoom, navigation
Reviewing Aquaveo Licensing Information 1/6/2021 XMS licensing, register


Topic/Link Date Software Topics
New Selection Functions in GMS 10.5 Beta 12/16/2020 GMS zoom to selection, invert selection,
Troubleshooting Model Executables 12/9/2020 XMS numeric models, executables, preferences, file locations
Using the Cross Section Tools in SMS 13.1 12/2/2020 SMS cross sections, cross section coverage, centerline coverage, import, cross section management, data conversion
Working with Units in GMS 11/25/2020 GMS units, projections, data calculator, import
Using Interpolate to Map 11/18/2020 WMS interpolation, map, feature objects, elevations, TIN, DEM
Using the Copy to Coverage Command 11/11/2020 SMS map coverage, feature objects
Batch Running MODFLOW Files 11/4/2020 GMS MODFLOW, batch file, batch running, run MDOFLOW, multiple simulations
Tips for Using the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard 10/28/2020 WMS Hydrologic Modeling Wizard, building projects, hydrologic modeling, general
Exporting Map Data to a Shapefile 10/21/2020 SMS feature objects, map coverages, export, shapefile
Tips for Importing Wells into the Conceptual Model 10/14/2020 GMS File import, wells, map coverages, conceptual model
Converting Soil Data to an Index Map 10/7/2020 WMS soil data, soil data coverage, index maps, gssha infiltration
New Map Annotation Tools in SMS 13.1 9/30/2020 SMS Map Module, Display Options, Annotations, Tick Marks, Arc Direction
Using the SAMG Solver for MODFLOW 9/23/2020 GMS SAMG solver, LMG package, MODFLOW
Editing DEM Elevations 9/16/2020 WMS DEM, Edit DEMs
Using the Temporal Tools in the Dataset Toolbox 9/9/2020 SMS Dataset toolbox, sample time steps, merge datasets
The HDF5 File Format and MODFLOW 9/2/2020 GMS HDF5 files, MODFLOW, import, export
Using Pre-Generated Polygons to Delineate a Basin 8/26/2020 WMS shapefiles, basin delineation, watershed delineation, drainage coverage
Viewing Vectors on a Water Surface 8/19/2020 SMS vectors, display options, surface water
Using the CLN Package to Model Faults and Fractures 8/12/2020 GMS MODFLOW-USG, CLN Package, faults, fractures, wells, multi-node well connections
Troubleshooting TOPAZ and TauDEM in WMS 8/5/2020 WMS TOPAZ, TauDEM, calculate flow
Announcing the SMS 13.1 Beta 7/29/2020 SMS beta, 3d bridge, cross sections
Using MODFLOW-NWT for Mine Dewatering 7/22/2020 GMS mine dewatering, modflow-nwt
Using Plots in CityWater 7/15/2020 CityWater, Tethys plots, export
How SRH-2D and HY-8 Work Together 7/8/2020 SMS SRH-2D, HY-8, culverts
Using CAD Data in GMS 7/1/2020 GMS cad data, import, export, data conversion
Importing Land Use and Soil Type Data into WMS 6/24/2020 WMS land use data, soil type data, import, shapefiles, import from web
Observation Arcs vs. SRH-2D Monitorling Lines 6/17/2020 SMS monitor coverage, observation coverage, plots, post-processing
Tips for MODFLOW 6 in GMS 10.5 Beta 6/10/2020 GMS MODFLOW 6, simulations, multiple simulations, model run
Sharing WMS Project Files 6/3/2020 WMS WMS project files, raster, GIS files, map files, file types
Scalar/Vector Conversion in SMS 5/27/2020 SMS dataset toolbox, scalar dataset, vector datasets, data conversion
Tips for Using MODPATH in GMS 5/20/2020 GMS modpath, particle tracking
Exporting Data in CityWater 5/13/2020 CityWater, Tethys Exporting, CityWater, tethys
Exporting SRH-2D results 5/6/2020 SMS exporting, SRH-2D, datasets, shapefiles, text files, tabular files, raster
Sharing GMS Project Files 4/29/2020 GMS project files, save files, export, MODFLOW files, share files
Export a High Resolution Plot 4/22/2020 WMS, XMS exporting, hydrographs, profile plots
Converting Mesh Data to a Raster 4/15/2020 SMS mesh module, scatter module, export, raster files, data conversion
Tips for Exporting a MODPATH Project 4/8/2020 GMS export, save as, MODPATH
Obtaining DEM and TIN Data in WMS 4/1/2020 WMS DEM files, TIN files, Converting Files, importing, downloading, terrain data module
Using the Select/Delete Data Tool in SMS 3/25/2020 SMS Select/Delete Data, map module, selection tools,
3 New Features in the GMS 10.5 Beta 3/18/2020 GMS beta announcement, MODFLOW 6, TVM Package
Tethys Training in Kenya 3/11/2020 Tethys tethys, training, citywater, agwa, modflow server
Tips for Sharing SRH-2D Project Files 3/4/2020 SMS srh-2d, save as package, restart file, hy-8
Tips for Using the Data Calculator in GMS 2/26/2020 GMS data calculator, datasets
Using Command Line Switches for the XMS Installer 2/19/2020 XMS installation
Utilizing Data Modification Tools in SMS 2/12/2020 SMS dataset toolbox, filter, map activity, post processing
Exploring Hide, Show, and Isolate in GMS 2/5/2020 GMS 3D grid, hide cells, show cells, isolate cells, activate/inactivate cells
4 Ways to Screen Capture in WMS 1/29/2020 WMS save image, screen capture
Viewing Flood Extents in SMS 1/22/2020 SMS fast flood, map flood, data calculator, viewing results
Sharing Display Themes in GMS 1/15/2020 GMS display themes, display options, exporting
Importing and Exporting Shapefiles 1/8/2020 XMS shapefiles, import files, export files
Happy New Year from Aquaveo 1/1/2020 XMS goals for coming year


Topic/Link Date Software Topics
Happy Holidays from Aquaveo 12/25/2019 Other holiday
Understanding Projections vs. Reproject 12/18/2019 XMS projections, coordinate systems
Tips for Feature Stamping 12/11/2019 SMS feature stamping, mesh generation
Viewing an Aquifer's Water Level 12/4/2019 GMS display options, dataset calculator, post-processing
Bringing Water Stability to the World 11/27/2019 Other GEOGLOWS
Best Practices for 2D Hydraulic Modeling 11/20/2019 SMS 2d hydraulic modeling, 2rh-2d, model setup, water modeling
Tips for Flow Budget in GMS 11/13/2019 GMS flow budget, post-processing
Working with Large DEMs 11/6/2019 WMS DEM files, Digital elevation model, import, elevation
Using the Prune Arc Tool 10/30/2019 SMS feature arcs, modifying arcs, arc editing, prune arc tool
Tips for Using Multiple Conceptual Models 10/23/2019 GMS conceptual model, map model, map to MODFLOW
Converting a 2D Scatter to a Raster 10/16/2019 SMS rasters, scatter module, 2d scatter, gis module
Aquaveo User Conference 2019 10/9/2019 XMS user conference
Classify Materials Zones 10/2/2019 GMS classify materials zones, materials
Tips for Finding Information on the XMS Wiki 9/25/2019 XMS xmswiki, search, categories, table of contents
Snapping Mesh Nodes to Arcs] 9/18/2019 SMS map module, mesh module, nodes, snapping
Using Display Options with Multiple UGrids 9/11/2019 GMS display options, ugrids
Changing the Hydrograph Display in WMS 9/4/2019 WMS hydrograph, display options, plots
Using Constant Paving Density 8/28/2019 SMS mesh generation, paving, polygon mesh options, meshing
Converting a 3D Dataset to a 2D Dataset 8/21/2019 GMS data conversion, 3d grids, 2d grids, datasets
Common Installation Issues with XMS 8/14/2019 XMS installation, licensing
How to Generate a Flood Depth Raster 8/7/2019 SMS raster, flood depths, datasets
Changing an Existing Model to be a Predictive Model 7/31/2019 GMS modeling
Tips for Managing Cross Sections in WMS 7/24/2019 WMS cross sections, cross sections management
Using Internal Sinks and Links in SRH-2D 7/17/2019 SMS boundary conditions, link, sink, bc, srh-2d
Using MODFLOW Native Files 7/10/2019 GMS modflow, save native files, export
Obtaining Nonstandard Data for Curve Numbers 7/3/2019 WMS curve number, SCS, runoff, soil and landuse
Using STL Files in SMS 6/26/2019 SMS import, export, STL files
Exploring MODFLOW Head Boundary Packages 6/19/2019 GMS MODFLOW, head, boundary conditions, packages, river, general head, stream flow
Downloading NLCD Data 6/12/2019 WMS nlcd, get data, modeling wizard, download data
Using the Plot Data Coverage 6/5/2019 SMS plots, map coverage, plot display options
Troubleshooting Observations in GMS 5/29/2019 GMS observations, wells, well screens
Using Advanced Data Services Options 5/22/2019 XMS online maps, advanced options, online service, add new source
What Makes a Good Quality Mesh? 5/15/2019 SMS mesh qaulity, elements, patch, vertices, redistribute, triangulation
Splitting UGrid Layers 5/8/2019 GMS UGrid, unstructured grid, layers, split
Modeling a Dam in GSSHA 5/1/2019 WMS gssha, hydraulic features, damn, structures
Using the Snap Preview Option 4/24/2019 SMS snap preview, display options, boundary conditions, snapping
Tips for Working with PEST 4/17/2019 GMS PEST, calibration, troubleshooting
Modeling a Dam in WMS for Use in HEC-HMS 4/10/2019 WMS hec-hms, structures, hydraulic features
Using the Simulation Run Queue 4/3/2019 SMS simulations, model run, abort, load results, simulation run queue
Troubleshooting MODFLOW, Part 2 3/27/2019 GMS MODFLOW, solver, source/sink, reasonableness, fail to converge
Delineating a Floodplain Using a Scatter Point File 3/20/2019 WMS flood impact, scatter, delineation, floodplain
Converting Elevations to Depths 3/13/2019 SMS data calculator, depth, elevation, bathymetry conversion
Exporting and Importing to MODFLOW 6 3/6/2019 GMS import, export, MODFLOW 6
New CityWater Pricing 2/27/2019 CityWater CityWater, pricing, pipes, epanet
Using the Channel Calculator in WMS 2/20/2019 WMS channel calculator, 1d hydrology, river channel
Saving Plots in SMS 2/13/2019 SMS export plot, save plot, plt file, plot data
Creating a Confined Aquifer 2/6/2019 GMS lpf, upw, huf, bcf, layer type
Using GSSHA Group Files in WMS 1/30/2019 WMS gssha, save as group, group files, import group, run group
How to Relax or Refine a Mesh in SMS 1/23/2019 SMS mesh generation, redistribute vertices, meshing type
Assigning Elevations in GMS 1/16/2019 GMS conceptual model, scatter set, raster, interpolation, layer to dataset, layers to scatter
Converting CAD Data to Feature Objects in WMS 1/9/2019 WMS cad to feature object, reorder streams, clean options
Moving SRH-2D Material Attributes to Another Project 1/2/2019 SMS assign materials, save materials


Topic/Link Data Software Topics
Incorporating Geology into a MODFLOW Model 12/26/2018 GMS horizon to solid, tin to solid, classify material zones
Working with Rain Gages in GSSHA 12/19/2018 WMS gssha, rain gage, precipitation, gages
New Bridge Scour Tool in SMS 13.0 12/12/2018 SMS bridge scour, bridge scour coverage
Troubleshooting MODFLOW 12/5/2018 GMS command line, model checker, output file
How to Calculate Riprap Using the Hydarulic Toolbox 11/28/2018 WMS hydraulic toolbox, basin attributes, riprap
Aquaveo Visits Namibia 11/21/2018 GMS training, consulting
New Floodway Delineation Tool in SMS 13.0 11/14/2018 SMS floodway, 1d hydraulic cross section coverage, 1d hydraulic centerline
New and Improved Lidar Tools in GMS 10.4 11/7/2018 GMS merge lidar, interpolation, display options
Quickly Delineating a Floodplain 10/31/2018 WMS map flood, fast floodplain, fema
What We Learned at the 2018 Aquaveo User Conference 10/24/2018 XMS faster modeling, big data
5 New Features in SMS 13.0 Beta 10/17/2018 SMS notes, bridge scour, lidar data, floodplain delineation, raster to scatter
Performing a Silent Install of XMS 10/10/2018 XMS quiet install, silent install, registration, registry, license
GMS Training in Hannover, Germany 10/3/2018 GMS training, consulting
4 New Features in the GMS 10.4 Beta 9/26/2018 GMS lidar data, modflow-usg transport, export modflow 6, cln package
How and When to Use Depression Points in WMS 9/19/2018 WMS dem, topaz, nodata, dem points, point attributes
Creating SRH-2D Pressure Zones with Overtopping 9/12/2018 SMS box culverts, pressure bridge, srh-2d
Creating Raster from MODFLOW Contours 9/5/2018 GMS modflow layers to scatter, scatter to rasters,
4 New Features in the WMS 11.0 Beta 8/29/2018 WMS floodplain delineation, amazon terrain tiles, manage cross sections, landxml
Converting Units 8/22/2018 XMS reproject, dataset calculator
Converting an RMA2 Project to SRH-2D 8/15/2018 SMS switch model, simulation, material regions to polygons, nodestrings to arcs,
Using Mass Flux Computations 8/8/2018 GMS compute mass flux at source, transport observation package, mt3dms, mt3d-usgs
Visualizing Meteorological Data 8/1/2018 WMS display options, contour options, film loop, animation
5 Ways to Make Projects Work Faster 7/25/2018 SMS simulations, refine grid, refine mesh, resample raster, files, display options
5 Ways to Select Arcs in GMS 7/18/2018 GMS Select arcs tool, shift, ctrl, click and drag, select all, select with poly
Using Software Graphics Mode 7/11/2018 XMS graphics card
Viewing Mesh Quality and ARR Plots 6/27/2018 SMS mess quality, arr plot, plot wizard, display options
Using Contours to View Contaminant Flow into a Well 6/20/2018 GMS display options, contour range, contour intervals
3 Ways to Troubleshoot WMS Basin Issues 6/13/2018 WMS flow accumulation threshold, outlet, area selection
Stockholm GMS Training 2018 6/6/2018 GMS training, consulting
Using an SRH-2D Restart File 5/30/2018 SMS hot start, tso, rst, initial conditions
Draping an Image onto a Ground Surface 5/24/2018 GMS texture map image, display options
Computing Basin Curve Numbers in 9 Easy Steps 5/16/2018 WMS compute GIS attributes, SCS curve number, import, land use ID. land use table
Converting a NET File to an INP File 5/9/2018 CityWater epanet, network, input
Troubleshooting Errors in SRH-2D 5/2/2018 SMS troubleshoot, output, model checker, errors, srh2d
Exporting Raster and Vector KMZ Files 4/25/2018 XMS googleearth, save as,
2 Ways to Import ArcGIS Files into WMS 4/18/2018 WMS open, add shapefile data, add gis data
Using Snapping in SMS 4/11/2018 SMS clean, snap feature objects
Creating a Transient Animation 4/4/2018 XMS animate, film loop, avi
3 Ways to Download Images in WMS 3/28/2018 WMS Get online maps, get data tool, get data from map
Tracing Municipal Water System Flow 3/21/2018 CityWater animate layers, quality, trace
Using Zonal Classification in SMS 3/14/2018 SMS
Adding Notes in GMS 3/7/2018 GMS
Exporting a Delimited Text File 2/28/2018 XMS
GMS MODFLOW and ArcHydro Training in Yerevan, Armenia 2/21/2018 GMS
3 Great Features in SMS 12.3 Beta 2/14/2018 SMS
Take Advantage of the Cloud for Engineering 2/7/2018 CityWater
6 Ways to Select 3D Cells 1/31/2018 GMS
How to Use TauDEM in WMS to Define Flow Paths 1/24/2018 WMS
How to Make an Unstructured Floodplain Mesh 1/17/2018 SMS

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