Coordinate Conversions

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Converting data from one coordinate system to another can be done using the Edit | Coordinate Conversions menu command. The command may also be accessed by right-clicking on a single entity (grid, mesh, scattered dataset ...) in the Project Explorer. This allows converting just that entity from one system into another (typically to the current project coordinate system).

All data will be converted from the system on the left of the dialog to the system on the right.

"Convert From" System

The "Convert From" system defines the coordinate system the data is currently referenced to. When working from the Edit menu, this is the system XMS is working in and is dimmed by default because it is assumed this system has already been specified. When working from the Project Explorer, this is the coordinate system of the selected entity and must be selected.

"Convert To" System

The "Convert To" system defines the system the entity will use after the conversion. When the dialog is invoked from the Edit menu, the new coordinate system is selected and all data is converted from the current system to this new system. When the dialog is invoked from the Project Explorer, the "Convert To" system is dimmed because this is assumed to be the system XMS is working in and all other data is already in this system.


Some conversions are not allowed, such as converting between a NAD and non-NAD system. A warning is issued when conversions are not allowed.

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