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Federal Highways Administration and Aquaveo have partnered to present a series of webinars on using SMS/WMS. This page contains links to past webinars that can be watched. As these webinars were created in 2010, they may not accurately reflect usage in the current versions of the software discussed.

January: Introduction to WMS: How to Build a Model using the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard

Slide Presentation (50 minutes)

Software Demonstration (20 minutes – please note that the sound for this recording will take a few seconds to come up.)

March: Using coordinate systems in SMS and WMS

Watch (50 minutes)

April: Data Collection in SMS

Watch (53 minutes)

May: Data Collection in WMS

Watch (1 hr 8 min)

June: Editing Scattered Data in SMS

Watch (47 min)

July: Using the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard in WMS

Watch (55 min)

August: Flow Modeling using SMS and TUFLOW

Watch (1 hr 27 min)

September: HEC-RAS Conceptual Modeling in WMS

Watch (1 hr)

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