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SMS includes interfaces to many of the models supported and used by the United States Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station. WES has played an important part in the development and evolution of the tools in SMS. The USACE models with interfaces in SMS include:

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2D Finite Element Models

  • CGWAVE – CGWAVE models harbor response taking into account outside sea state, harbor shape and man-made structures (i.e., piers, breakwaters, naval vessels). It is a forecasting and nowcasting tool used in coastal and military planning and civil engineering.
  • IMS-ADCIRC – ADCIRC (ADvanced CIRCulation Multi-dimensional Hydrodynamic Model) is a latest-generation multidimensional model based on the solution of the generalized wave equation formulation of the governing equations on a highly flexible unstructured grid.
  • TABS-MD – TABS is a multidimensional hydrodynamics package. Recently a new version (4.5x) was released for general use by the public. The package includes:
    • RMA2 - RMA2 is a subcritical, depth averaged model for both steady state and transient hydraulic modeling. General applications require an unstructured finite element network of quadratic elements (6 noded triangles and 8 noded quadrilaterals). Sections of one dimensional entities which simulate trapezoidal channels can be incorporated into the two dimensional mesh.
    • GFGEN (Geometry File GENerator) – The models which comprise TABS-MD all utilize a binary representation of the geometry. This binary file is generated from an ASCII file saved by SMS by running the program GFGEN from the RMA2 menu in SMS.
    • RMA4 – RMA4 is a constituent migration modeling code that has the ability to compute constituent concentrations and dispersion when supplied with a hydrodynamic solution computed by RMA2.

Finite Difference Models

  • BOUSS2D – BOUSS2D is a comprehensive model for simulating the propagation and tranformation of waves in coastal regions and harbors based on a time-domain solution of Boussinesq-type equations..
  • IMS-M2D – GHOST models irregular wave propagation in coastal areas. Waves are defined by its directional spectrum.
  • STWAVE – STWAVE (STeady State Irregular WAVE Model) estimates nearshore wind-wave growth, transformation and propagation

One-Dimensional Model

  • HecRas – HecRas is designed to predict water surface elevation and velocities for a river network.

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