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Features from Raster

The Features from Raster tool derives features such as streams and roadway embankments from an elevation raster.

Input Parameters

  • Input raster – Select the input elevation raster.
  • Feature type – Select the feature type to generate.
    • "Stream" – This option generates stream lines given the threshold area for stream generation.
    • "Ridge" – This option generates ridge lines for the inverted raster given the threshold area for ridge generation.
  • Threshold area – The threshold area to use for stream or ridge generation.
  • Pre-processing engine – Which pre-processing engine to use.
    • "rho8" – Computes flow directions and accumulations using the Rho8 algorithm.
    • "Whitebox full workflow" – Computes flow directions and accumulations using the Whitebox tool full workflow algorithm that uses a standard D8 method for computing flow directions.

Output Parameters

  • Output coverage – Defines the name of the tool-generated output coverage
  • Breached, Flow direction, and Flow accumulation rasters are also generated from this tool. The names of these are currently hardwired to the original raster names ending in _breached, _flowdir, and _flowaccum respectively. An additional extension is added to the end of the raster name based on the pre-processing engine used.

Current Location in toolbox

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