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Select Scatter Point Select Point Tool.svg
Used to select individual scatter points for editing using the Edit Window. Scatter points can also be dragged with the mouse. Scatter points can be deleted. With extremely large sets of scatter points, it may become difficult to identify a scatter point with a particular ID, even if the scatter point IDs are being displayed. In such cases, the Find Point command in the Scatter Points menu can be used to quickly locate a point. The command prompts for the ID of the desired point and the point is selected.
Select Scatter Point Set Select Scatter Set Tool.svg
Used to select entire scatter point sets for deletion or to designate the active scatter point set. When this tool is active, an icon appears at the centroid of the set for each of the scatter point sets. A scatter point set is selected by selecting the icon for the set.
Create Scatter Point Create Points Tool.svg
Used to interactively create scatter points by clicking in the GMS graphics window.