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Nodata to Polygon

The Nodata to Polygon tool creates a new coverage with polygons bounding all of the active regions of the raster including inactive regions that fall within an interior polygon.

Inactive regions of a raster are determined by the NODATA value of the raster.

Raster containing NODATA cells (shown in purple) shown surrounding a river with dry islands
Polygons surrounding the active region of the raster, including interior islands

Input Parameters

  • Input raster – The raster for which the active boundary polygon will be created.
  • Number of cells required to make a polygon – The number of cells required to make a polygon. Any interior areas that contain less raster cells than this number will not be enveloped with a polygon.

Output Parameters

  • Output coverage – The new coverage to be created, containing the boundary polygon for the active region of the input raster.

Current Location in Toolbox

Rasters/Nodata to Polygon