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Trim Coverage

The Trim Coverage tool is used to remove features in a coverage that are not desired based on their location. The tool trims all arcs in a selected coverage to the polygons of another selected coverage. Arcs can be trimmed to preserve the portions of the arcs inside or outside of the trimming polygons. The user also specifies a buffer distance to allow the trimming to not retain the intersection points

A specific applications of this tool would be to trim extracted features that are outside of the desired simulation domain. Another application would be to clear out feature arcs that are inside the extents of a predominant feature such as a main river channel.

The tool allows for trimming data to features that are either inside or outside of the desired polygons.

For "large" polygons (> 2500 points), the polygon point locations will be smoothed prior to computing the polygon buffer. This is done because there are cases where the buffer distance combined with the polygon segment orientations causes the buffer operation to be very slow. Smoothing the locations prevents this slowdown.

Input Parameters

  • Input coverage containing arcs to be trimmed – Select a coverage from the dropdown list. The arcs on this coverage will be trimmed.
  • Input coverage containing polygons to trim by – Select a coverage from the dropdown list. The arcs on this coverage will be used to trim the arcs on the target coverage.
  • Trimming option – Trim to inside or Trim to outside.
    • "Trim to inside" – Trim to inside only keeps portions of the arcs that are inside of the polygons. .
    • "Trim to outside" – Trim to outside only keeps the arc portions that are outside of the polygons.
  • Trimming buffer distance – Enter a value that defines an offset (either inside if trimming to inside, or outside if trimming to outside) of the trimming polygons. This can be used to keep the results from being too close to the trimming polygon(s).

Output Parameters

  • Output coverage – specify the name of the coverage to be created (representing the trimmed arcs).

Current Location in Toolbox

Coverages/Trim Coverage

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