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The following is a partial list of publications and reports related to the use of Tethys and application using Tethys (CityWater). Please feel free to make additions to the list.


  • Christensen, Scott D., Nathan R. Swain, Norman L. Jones, E. James Nelson, Alan D. Snow, and Herman G. Dolder. "A Comprehensive Python Toolkit for Accessing High‐Throughput Computing to Support Large Hydrologic Modeling Tasks." JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association (2016).
  • Christensen, Scott D. "A Comprehensive Python Toolkit for Harnessing Cloud-Based High-Throughput Computing to Support Hydrologic Modeling Workflows." (2016). [1]
  • Kadlec, Jiří, A. Woodruff Miller, and Daniel P. Ames. "Extracting Snow Cover Time Series Data from Open Access Web Mapping Tile Services." JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association (2016). [2]
  • Keane, Savannah, Christian Kesler, and Xing Zheng. "HAND Flood Mapping through the Tethys Platform." National Water Center Innovators Program Summer Institute Report 2016 4 (2016): 91. [3]
  • Perez, J. Fidel, Nathan R. Swain, Herman G. Dolder, Scott D. Christensen, Alan D. Snow, E. James Nelson, and Norman L. Jones. "From Global to Local: Providing Actionable Flood Forecast Information in a Cloud‐Based Computing Environment." JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association (2016).


  • Anderson, Jocelynn Marie. "A Cloud-Based GSSHA Index Map Editor Utility for Watershed Decision Support." (2015). [4]
  • Saguibo, Matt. "Observed Data App using the Tethys Platform." PhD diss., Brigham Young University, 2015. [5]
  • Swain, Nathan, Scott Christensen, Jim Nelson, and Norman Jones. "Tethys Platform: A Platform for Water Resources Modeling and Decision Support Web Apps." (2015).
  • Swain, Nathan R. "Tethys Platform: A Development and Hosting Platform for Water Resources Web Apps." (2015). [6]


  • Goharian, Erfan, and Steven J. Burian. "Integrated urban water resources modeling in a semi-arid mountainous region using a cyber-infrastructure framework." (2014). [7]
  • Jones, Norm, Jim Nelson, Nathan Swain, Scott Christensen, David Tarboton, and Pabitra Dash. "Tethys: A Software Framework for Web-Based Modeling and Decision Support Applications." In 7th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software, DP Ames, NWT Quinn, and AE Rizzoli (Editors). iEMSs, San Diego, California, pp. 170-177. 2014. [8]

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