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This article contains information on known issues that are currently unresolved or cannot be resolved by Aquaveo.


  • Objects drawn in the Graphics Window disappear or won't display at all.
    This is often a case where the graphics card drivers need to be updated. Try running the program in Software Graphics Mode to see if it resolves the issue. If it does, then update the graphics driver.
  • The XMS application crashes when using the using the File | Open command or any Save, Save As, or Export command.
    This is typically due to a known bug with Dell computers. To resolve this issue there are three options.
    1. Uninstall the Dell Backup and Recovery application (Dell Backup and Recovery Manager, Dell DataSafe Local, Dell Data Safe Online).
    2. Install a newer version of the Dell Backup and Recovery application using these steps. The newer version supposedly has fixed the known issue.
    3. Unregister the Dell Backup and Recovery application using these steps.
  • Avast antivirus not permitting XMS software to run.
Some versions of Avast will block the XMS software or place XMS software in the sandbox. In order to fix this, whitelist the XMS program file folder. See instructions here.


  • Making a partial MODFLOW run to use unavailable options.
A partial MODFLOW run involves the following:
  1. Create the model in GMS as normal, setting as many of the options as available.
  2. Export the MDOFLOW simulation file.
  3. Use a text editor or similar software, make changes to the exported files to include the missing options.
  4. Run MODLFOW using a command line prompt as shown here.
  • Importing a MODFLOW project generated outside of GMS
There is generally few issues in importing an MODFLOW simulation that was run outside of GMS, however the following should be noted:
  1. If packages and options were used that are not supported by GMS, the MDOFLOW results will show the effects of these options.
  2. If packagea and optiosn were used that are not supported by GMS, these unsupported features will be lost when the project is saved or if running MODFLOW again from GMS.



With the change for SRHPost, there no longer exists the "XMDFC" output option in the SRH-2D model control. As such, users that had that option selected in their projects will need to:

  1. Go into the SRH-2D Model Control dialog and change the output option to something that is not "XMDF".
  2. Click OK on the dialog to exit out.
  3. Re-open the SRH-2D Model Control dialog and set the output option to "XMDF".