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Jeff Creer

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Items to take care of in the future

  • ADCIRC NetCDF files (*.nc) can be generated and imported giving option to have either ASCII or NetCDF files for fort.63/fort.64 files.
  • WaveWatch documentation (SMS 13.2)
  • SMS 13.0 Changes – Alan's and others changes for 13.0. Add to wiki when closer to SMS 13.0 beta release.
    • Quadtree to 2D Scatter command added to module.
  • GMS 99.99 SWB model SWB Model Control.
  • GMS 10.5, In UGrid Display options, change UGrid Shell to UGrid Boundary.
  • GMS 10.5, MODFLOW 6 Changes. MODFLOW 6 Packages
  • Remove bug report command for SMS 13.0 and WMS 11.
  • SMS 13.1 Changes – Developer changes for 13.1. Add to wiki when 13.1 releases in beta.
  • SMS 13.2 Changes – Developer changes for 13.2. Add to wiki when 13.2 releases in beta.

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