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Jeff Creer

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Items to take care of in the future

  • ADCIRC NetCDF files (*.nc) can be generated and imported giving option to have either ASCII or NetCDF files for fort.63/fort.64 files.
  • ADCIRC, STWAVE, CMS-Wave, CStorm, WaveWatch being converted to DMI, possibly ADH as well.
    • ADCIRC DMI includes:
      • Boundary Conditions Coverage, 2 other coverages. BC options exist for arcs.
      • Simulation menu which includes model control.
  • 2D Mesh Options dialog going away in SMS 13.0
  • Floodway Delineation tool (SMS 13.0)
  • Map Flood tool (SMS 13.0)
  • WaveWatch documentation (SMS 13.0)
  • Change Delete All to New (in SMS 13.0).
  • SMS 13.0: New Display | Coordinate Zone Preview command which brings up the Coordinate Zone Preview Settings dialog. Dialog allows selecting a preview of certain projection. Displays projection boundaries in Graphics Window. Add to SMS 13.0 Projections tutorial when ready.
  • SMS 13.0 Changes – Alan's and others changes for 13.0. Add to wiki when closer to SMS 13.0 beta release.
  • Change quadtree documentation to UGrid. Add Ugrid functionalities. (SMS 13.0)
    • Quadtree to 2D Scatter command added to module.
  • SMS13.0, SMS:Laplacian Interpolation going away.
  • SMS 13.0, New Scatter to Raster command and dialog (right-click scatter module). SMS InterpolateToRaster.png
  • SMS 13.0 New map right-click coverage command, Snap Mesh to Arcs. Changes mesh nodes to match arc nodes and vertices. Brings up the Snap Mesh to Arcs dialog. Note that elevation values must be re-interpolated to the mesh after this is done.
  • SMS 13.0 push Bridge Scour article and workflow to main space.
  • SMS 13.0 add new right-click properties commands in project explorer and new properties dialog and notes feature.
  • SMS 13.0 add new Notes article.
  • GMS 10.4 SWB model SWB Model Control.
  • GMS 10.4 MODFLOW-USB Transport (Sorab) which includes BCT Process [1], DPT Package, and PCB Package.
  • GMS 10.4 add mod-PATH3DU 2.0 link to main article.
  • GMS 10.4, see email with mod-PATH3DU article changes.
  • GMS 104, add Raster to Array option in Recharge package.
  • Remove bug report command for SMS 13.0 and WMS 11.
  • WMS 11.0, switch out 1D Hyd Cross Section Coverage article and related cross section articles. see User:Jmonson/WMS:1D-HYD_Cross_Section_Coverage_Type
  • GMS:Images, GMS:Rasters, and SMS:Images reveal vertical projections template at release.

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