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This article describes tools from the SMS toolbox that are used to backup and reload 2D meshes.


Mesh Backup

The Mesh Backup tool creates a series of backups of the active mesh. Once that tool is running, it runs in the background and does not interfere with other. Backups will be made of all meshes that are made active and changed while the tool is running.

When the tool is running a Turn on/off auto mesh backup dialog will open. This dialog will not prevent any activity in SMS. When done using the Mesh Backup tool, close this dialog.

Input Parameters

  • Interval – Enter how long between saving backups.
  • Maximum number of backups – The maximum number of backups of unique copies of the mesh saved. The defaults are 20 seconds and 10 copies. That means that every 20 seconds, SMS will compare the active mesh with the last backed up copy. If they are the same no additional backup is made. If they are not the same, a new backup is made. If a new backup is created and the total number of backups for the active mesh now exceeds the specified limit, the oldest backup is deleted.

Current Location in Toolbox

Auto-Backup/Mesh Backup

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Mesh Reload

The Mesh Reload tool provides a list of saved 2D mesh backup copies that have been generated for current project. Back up copies must have been generated using the Mesh Backup tool. The user can select a mesh and load it in the current project. The loaded mesh does not replace the original mesh. This means the project will have the latest 2D mesh and the previous version of the mesh that was backed up.

Input Parameters

  • Mesh to reload – Select which 2D mesh backup.
  • Time Stamp – For the select mesh to reload, select one of available the backup time stamps.

Output Parameters

  • Reloaded mesh name – Enter a name for the reload mesh that will be added to the project.

Current Location in toolbox

Auto-Backup/Mesh Reload

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