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Input and output files for RMA2.

Input Files

  • ASCII Geometry (*.geo) → GFGEN → Binary Geometry (*.bin) and printed output file (*.ot1) – Consists of the nodes and elements that define the size, shape, and bathymetry of the study area.
  • Run Control Input File (*.bc) – Used to tell RMA2 how to run the simulation.
  • Hotstart File (*.hot) – (optional) Used to load critical information for the new simulation.
  • Alternate Boundary Condition File (*.abc) – Used in conjunction with the primary run control file.
  • Run File (*.run) – Indicates to launch (GFGEN) and (RMA2).

Output Files

  • Binary Solution (*.sol) – Contains the results of computations for all time steps defined in the run control file.
  • Printed Output File (*.ot2) – Contains the a full list of results from the simulation run.
  • Node summary file (*.sum) – Contains: a table of the steady state solutions of x and y velocity components, depth, etc., for each node listed on the TRN cards; and a dynamic hydrograph of the previous information for each node listed on TRN cards.
  • Hotstart Output (*.hot) – (optional) Used to preserve the critical information at the end of a simulation in order for the run to be restarted and continued at a later time.

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