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The CityWater Intermediate Release Notes page for released versions of CityWater:

CityWater February 2018

  • Fixed issues preventing scenarios from being run
  • Fixed issue with fire flow processes failing to run
  • Many changes to improve render performance
  • Computer freeze/crash when animation was too fast
  • Pump and valve icons not rendering
  • Deleting projects/scenarios and creating new scenarios wasn't working
  • Plots on map were not working for some layers
  • Client count restriction wasn't working on enterprise organizations
  • Quality links layer was showing up on legacy models that didn't support the layer
  • Insert and delete row buttons stopped working after first use in edit curve dialog
  • Exporting report and network layers was not working
  • Scenario was not being cleared from list after deleting until the page was refreshed
  • Various aesthetic issues, typos, style problems, inconsistencies
  • Frequent 502 Gateway Timeout errors encountered
  • Some tooltips obscured by header or other elements

CityWater July 2017

  • 9802: Model uploaded by Mark Wilson does not have report layers
  • 9758: fireflow planning analysis for junction doesn't work on some models

CityWater June 2017

  • 9370: Able to create an account with a space in the username, but cannot access the account
  • 9602: Scenario stating changes not saved

CityWater April 2017

  • 9583: Map loading icon does not go away after using one of the "Jump to" buttons
  • 9579: Alembic fails if any new projects have been created since last running the

CityWater March 2017

  • 9369: 500 Error when going to the User Account page

CityWater February 2017

  • 9474: Viewing properties for nodes/links while in the map do not reflect current time step

CityWater January 2017

  • 9412: Label toggle gets reversed on Schematic
  • 9361: Project databases aren't deleted when project is deleted using UI

CityWater December 2016

  • 9353: Renaming Nodes Does Not Update in Properties Window Dynamically
  • 9344: 500 Error when Trying to Access Organizations Page as App Admin or Staff User
  • 9341: Threshold settings don't save unless all of the fields are filled
  • 9331: Tethys User Session Issues
  • 9318: Unable to scroll on navigation panel when using a smaller browser/screen
  • 9311: When editing project details, the Organization does not show up

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