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The following tools are contained in the Dynamic Tools portion of the tool palette when the Mesh module is active. These are tools with corresponding right-click menus.

Select Point Tool.svg Select Mesh Nodes

Right-clicking on a mesh node while using the Select Mesh Nodes will bring up the following menu options:

  • Delete – Delete selected mesh Nodes.
  • Assign BC – Assign a boundary condition to selected mesh nodes.
  • TransformTransform the selected nodes either by scaling, translation, or rotation.
  • TriangulateTriangulate the selected nodes to form triangle elements.

SMS Select Nodestring Tool.svg Select Nodestrings

Right-clicking on a selected nodestring while using the Select Nodestring tool will bring up the following options:

  • Delete Selected – Delete selected nodestrings.
  • Assign BC – Assign a boundary condition to selected nodestrings.
  • Reverse Direction – Reverse direction of selected nodestrings.
  • Force Breaklines – Force element edges to follow the selected nodestrings.
  • Renumber Nodes – Renumber the nodes starting with an ID of 1.
  • Renumber Nodestrings – renumber the nodestrings starting with an ID of 1.
  • Smooth – Smooth the mesh boundary along the path of a selected nodestring by moving midside nodes. Only used for quadratic elements.

SMS Select Mesh Element Tool.svg Select Elements

Right-clicking on a selected element while using the Select Elements tool will bring up the following options:

  • Delete – Delete selected element.
  • Refine – Split all selected elements into four elements.
  • Relax – Moves all the nodes on the interior of the selected elements to the centroid of their contributing area. Iterates based on option set in the options command.
  • Assign Material Type – Assign material type to selected elements.

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