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The ADCIRC database includes a grid file and a harmonics file that uses an *.exe extractor to put information into SMS. In order to work with the ADCIRC Database, it's necessary to download the files separately. The needed files are:

  1. Atlantic Database and Grid Files – 74.9 MB. Covers all waters west of the 60 deg W Meridian and east of the North American continent.
    • adcircnwattides.exe (utility)
    • ec2001.grd (adcirc grid file)
    • ec2001.tdb (adcirc harmonic output file)
    • (sample file)
    • tides_ec2001.f (source code)
  2. Pacific Database and Grid Files – 86.2 MB. Covers waters along the Northern Mexican Coast, the US West Coast, the Canadian West Coast and the Alaskan South Coast.
    • adcircnepactides.exe (utility)
    • enpac2003.grd (adcirc grid file)
    • enpac2003.tdb (adcirc harmonic output file)
    • (sample file)
    • tides_enpac2003.f (source code)

These files should be unzipped and placed in C:\Program Files\SMS X.X\models (or a location of choice). It is then necessary to tell SMS where these files are located by going to Edit | Preferences and selecting the File Locations tab in the dialog. In the File Locations tab, the model executables are set under "NE Pacific Tidal Databases" and "NW Atlantic Tidal Databases" in the Model Executables section.

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