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To access the ADH model wrapper, select the ADH | Run Model menu item.

If the simulation has been changed and not yet saved, a prompt will appear to do so before running the model. A prompt will also appear asking to locate the Pre-ADH and ADH executables prior to running each if SMS does not know the location or find the executable. Model executable locations can be managed in on the File Locations tab of the Preferences dialog, accessed from the Edit | Preferences... menu item.

Pre-ADH takes the simulation input files (*.3dm, *.bc, and *.hot), performs some checks and creates the *.adh model input file. ADH reads the model input file, performs calculations and writes solution files (*.dat).

Simulation Input Right arrow.png Pre-ADH Right arrow.png Model Input Right arrow.png ADH Right arrow.png Solution Output
Geometry (*.3dm) ADH Input Solution Datasets
Boundary Condition (*.bc) (*.adh) (*.dat)
Hot Start (*.hot)

If Pre-ADH is not successful (the *.adh file is not written) then SMS will not allow ADH to be executed. Upon completion of ADH, the solution files can be automatically loaded into SMS or opened manually.

Dialog Description


Status line is blank for Pre-ADH and provides time step computation information for ADH.

Progress bar and text shows the percentage of completion.

Run Time displays the time since starting the executable. This is updated when the progress is updated.


Pre-ADH Output or ADH Output field displays the last 1000 lines of commentary given by the running executable.

Output Text To File allows all commentary provided by the executable to be saved to a text file (*.txt). This button is enabled upon completion of the executable.

Load Solution check box is available only for ADH and is enabled upon successful completion of ADH. Check this option to automatically load the solution datasets into SMS.

Abort / Run ADH / Exit button controls the progress of the model wrapper.

The Pre-ADH model run dialog
The ADH model run dialog

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