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The Incident Wave Conditions section of the CGWAVE Model Control dialog.

The Incident Wave Conditions section of the CGWAVE Model Control dialog allows specifying wave conditions to be simulated in a run. In simplistic terms, these are the boundary conditions for the simulation.

Each condition (term) is defined as a wave direction, period and amplitude. The wave direction is specified in degrees measured from the positive x-direction in a counter clockwise direction. This means that waves propagating from West to East have a direction of 0°, and waves propagating from South to North have a direction of 90°. The amplitude is specified in meters, and the period in seconds. The period specified should be at least as large as the period used to generate the size function that was used in the mesh generation. These values are used as boundary conditions at a location out to sea and are propagated to the open ocean boundaries on the domain using one-dimensional wave propagation. A set of values (one direction, frequency and period) can be selected by clicking in the window. The selected set can be changed via the edit boxes above the window. The buttons below the window can be used as follows:

The New button creates a new condition or wave term below the selected term. The values are defaulted to zero.
The Copy button copies the selected condition or waver term as a new set in the list. The new set is placed directly below the selected set. (Note: it does not make sense to include the same term twice since the two terms are equal to a wave of double the amplitude in the specified direction at the specified frequency. This option is provided for convenience in generating terms with common paramters.)
The Delete button deletes the selected condition or wave term. The rest of the terms are unaffected.
The Import button allows selecting a file containing Incident Wave Conditions data. SMS prompts to replace or append to existing data. See the CGWAVE documentation for the Incident Wave Conditions file format.
The Clear button deletes all of the Incident Wave Conditions data.

Wave Condition Generation

The SMS interface for CGWAVE allows generation of multiple wave conditions from a directional spectrum or to represent long wave or infra-gravity wave conditions. These are accessed using the buttons below the incident wave conditions.

  • Generate From Spectrum – Wave conditions that make up a spectral wave condition can be added by selecting the spectrum to be simulated. This command allows selecting a Spectral coverage. A spectrum can be generated or read in using the Spectral Energy dialog in the Spectral map coverage.
  • Long Wave Input Toolbox – The long wave toolbox generates infra-gravity wave terms using a 1 dimensional Boussinesq model run and user specified parameters.

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