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CMS-Wave requires a depth at each cell in the domain. In SMS terminology, the depth values comprise a dataset on the grid.

The depths are passed into CMS-Wave in the form of an ASCII data file. There is no header or identifier as to what the data in the file is, other than the default extension of ".dep". However, that is not even required.

The first line of the file contains the dimensions of the grid (number of columns, number of rows) and the default size of a grid cell (in the I direction and then the J direction). If the grid does not consist of cells of constant size, the size for the J direction will be written as 999. In this case, the cell dimensions (width of each column and height of each row) are included at the bottom of the depth file.

The values in the file are organized in row major format, starting with the "top" row (farthest away from the grid origin) and ending with the "bottom" row (closest to the origin and following the I direction).

SMS writes files with five values per row.

Sample File

25 12 10.000 999.000 // number of columns, number of rows, cell dimensions
46.65 42.56 38.85 35.47 32.40 // first 5 depths of cells on the top row
29.61 27.07 24.77 22.67 20.76 // next 5 values, second row will continue on same line
. . . // remaining depth values
7.97 7.25 6.55 5.99 5.44 // first five column widths
4.95 4.50 4.09 3.72 3.38 // next 5 widths, heights will follow on same line
. . . // remaining widths and heights

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