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CMS-Wave Nesting Options dialog

Grid nesting refers to the ability to take output at specified locations from one grid to use for boundary conditions on another. The source grid as the parent grid and the grid using the boundary conditions as the child grid. This approach is often used in order to cover a large area with a coarse grid with a more refined grid in a specific area of interest.

The Nesting Options dialog can be reached by using the Nest Grid command in the CMS-Wave menu. The dialog has the following options.

  • Child Grid
    • Select Nesting Grid – Allows selecting a nesting grid that has already been imported or created in SMS.
    • Select Nesting File – Brings up an open browser to import an existing nesting file.
    • Type of Boundary Interpolation – Options include "Linear", "Inverse Distance Weighted", and "Natural Neighbor" interpolation.

External Links

  • April 2012 ERDC/CHL CHETN-IV-81 Full-plane Wave Transformation and Grid Nesting. [1]

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