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A projection can now be associated with a Cartesian grid. The data for the grid will be stored in this projection; however, the grid can still be displayed in any projection chosen. When the SMS project's projection ("working projection") is changed, the grid will be converted "on the fly." While the display will be changed, the data will remain in the original projection. This method will reduce rounding errors in the data introduced when converting coordinates.

Editing the Grid

When the grid is displayed in a projection different than its own, it will not be editable. The "working projection" must match that of the grid to be able to edit. The grid's right-click command, Work in grid projection, will set the "working projection" to the grid's projection.

Changing the Grid Projection

When a grid is created, the projection is defaulted to the "working projection". The grid's projection can be changed using the Projection... and Reproject... commands in the grid's right-click menu.

Floating Projection

If a grid is read in from a file that does not specify a projection, the grid will "float" in whichever projection is the working projection. If a grid is floating, the Projection... command in the right-click menu will be followed by "floating". To assign a projection to the grid, select the Projection... command and select a projection.

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